Monday, August 06, 2007


I keep telling myself that I am too old to go out on a "school night" but sometimes these things just can't be helped. We had tickets to see Rasputina at the Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky. The venue is this gorgeous old home that has been transformed into a concert hall. There is a history of the house on the website, but I really wish there photos of what the house looked like on the inside before it was altered.

We arrived pretty early and watched the opening act My Brightest Diamond, which was actually just the lead singer, Shara Worden. As the show progressed I quickly realized how much I appreciate the smoking ban in Ohio. Being that we were in Kentucky there were smokers galore and soon my eyes were itchy and watery and with every breath I took in, I inhaled smoke. The smell of cloves made me want to vomit. I was pretty miserable but tried to not think about it. I told Justin that whenever we move anywhere it must be in a smoke-free state! My eyes are still burning almost 24-hours later.

Rasputina finally came on and their outfits were amazing! Corsets, skirts and lovely hair... the girls were gorgeous. They played a lot from thier new album and a couple of old ones. I was sad that they didn't play 'Transylvanian Concubine' or 'The Olde Headboard'... They did, however play 'Wish You Were Here', which is (although a cover song by Pink Floyd) is probably my favorite that they do! I just love the cello in it... so haunting.

We were sitting in the balcony area and had a great view of the stage and audience. During the show there were several people that were slightly irritating. There was the clapper guy who kept clapping to no particular beat and then most irritating was the obnoxious bald guy who kept yelling out song titles during the show when he wasn't trying to chat up the band between songs. Rasputina's lead singer, Melora, took a couple of minutes between songs to chat with the audience. She made the comment to other band members that this was the chattiest audience she had ever encountered in her entire career. It was at this point that we realized how snatchy a wanna-be diva Melora really is.

People were asking her questions and she would snap back a nasty comment. For instance... One girl told her that this was her bachelorette party and Melora said "What am I supposed to do about that?" then another person requested a song to be played to which Melora responded "Maybe if you had pronounced it correctly we might have played it!" There were several other snatchy comments but I've apparently blocked them out! Justin will have to remind me!

After the show we (of course!) waited around to meet the band. The drummer, Jonathan, was busy packing everything up and moving so fast that I didn't really want to bother him. We moved from place to place to try to figure out where and when Melora and Sarah would be coming out. We moved back downstairs and finally met up with Sarah who was super nice and very willing to take a picture with us. We asked her when Melora was coming out and she said she was doing an interview and probably would not be available. I didn't like that answer!

We proceeded with our stalking and eventually planted ourselves outside of the door that led to the dressing rooms. There were two other people waiting as well. The entire hall was basically clear of people with the exception of the staff and band members. After several minutes Melora finally came out and headed downstairs. We headed the other way with hopes of catching her before she left. We had already talked about the fact that it seemed that she was in a bad mood so we weren't surprised at what followed!

Melora was signing something for the other people that had been waiting and then headed for the stage to pack her cello and other things up. Justin caught her attention and told her that it was a great show to which she snapped "thanks!" and turned around. I walked to the other side and called her name. She turned around and said "Yes?" and I said "Would you mind taking a quick picture with us" and she said "Well, I need to pack up my things" and I (not taking no for an answer!) said "no problem... we will wait... take your time!" And wait we did! She packed everything up and at one point we offered to help her carry some of the heavier things out and all she said was "you can help by getting out of the way of the ramp!" Ummmm... Is her name Melora or Madonna? Anyway, she came back and said "Now... what did you want?" And we took a quick picture and got the hell away from Grumpzilla.

On the way home Justin and I discussed all of our celebrity encounters and decided that this was probably one of the rudest "celebrities" we have ever met! I think it's so disappointing because we both love Rasputina and will we forevermore think of this incident when we hear those beautiful cello's and gorgeous voices? I could (maybe) understand her behaviour if there was a mob of people but there were only four of us! I think someone forgot that people like us are the reason that she can even afford to do what she loves while touring the world.

The Devil in disguise... Justin and I with Melora (aka "Grumpzilla") of Rasputina. See how she traumatized Justin?? He won't even get close to her!!!