Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Has it really been almost a year since I last posted?  Wow.  When I read the last few posts it seems like a lifetime ago.  So much has changed in my life.  Robin and I broke up last June.  I met another Robyn who is absolutely wonderful.  I wasn't expecting her to come along, but she did and I am so happy... and engaged!  I moved out of my parent's house which my sister has since put into foreclosure. My Jeep died and we bought a new car.  Jake got really sick and it turns out he is diabetic.  I have to give him insulin injections every morning and night - poor kitty!  I was so scared I was going to lose him when he got sick.  He lost so much weight and could barely move!  As for my job, it is going well although I changed departments...  I miss my old boss who was super-cool and put up with all of my antics.  Overall life is great!  I've let go of so much drama and negativity that was holding me down and life is so much better because of it.

I think I'm finally getting a grip on my health as well.  I was having a really hard time dealing with post thyroid cancer symptoms.  I was feeling incredibly lethargic all of the time.  Getting ready for work was a task.  The hot flashes still happen, even when I'm just sitting there.  After several doctor visits and labs they finally adjusted my Synthroid to a level that is making me feel better.  I was incredibly hypothyroid for a while which is not fun.  It's amazing how many body functions the thryroid controls.  It's definitely not fun to live without one.

When I was feeling miserable and helpless about the thyroid situation I went online and started researching symptoms and found a couple of message boards.  I felt such relief when I found all of these people who were having the same side effects that I was having.  Family and friends mean well, but it's so hard to discuss how you are feeling with someone who has never been through it themselves.  It's nice to be able to share, ask questions, get opinions or just gab with people... all of whom have that telltale survivors scar on their neck.  They understand when I bitch about how hot I am all the time and it makes me feel better!

Robyn and I moved to a cute apartment in North Charleston.  Right now I want no part of home ownership!  It's so nice to be able to call maintenance whenever something needs fixed and they are there right away!  Robyn was living in the complex before me and we moved into a bigger place so all of my crap would fit.  I actually left a lot of my belongings at the house when the evil sister forced her way in.  Every once in a while I'll remember something I owned and realize I left it at the house.  I just didn't care when I left.  I wanted out ASAP!  I don't miss living there at all.  Too many bad memories of recent years.  I think it's horrible what the evil sister has done... she knew she couldn't afford the mortgage when she moved in.


I've been doing my photography thing here and there.  I did a shoot for a friend of her son last month.  That was interesting.  Try getting a 12-year old to pay attention and not do gangster poses!!  I'd really like to practice on other people.  I have no desire to do it as a career or side job but it would be nice to become really good at it so I can do it for friends and not have the pics turn out to be crap and a waste of time for everyone. 

Robyn was the first person who ever really posed for me.  She was great at being patient since I had no idea what I was doing!  They turned out pretty well, but I think it was due to the subject, really :)