Sunday, November 26, 2006

The ever-evolving list of things I love...

postcards, antiques, mango, back roads, boys who can dance, big fluffy clouds, lilacs, chocolate, e. e. cummings, people watching, taking photos, Spanish moss, eye contact, autumn leaves, kitchen stores, first times, fresh-cut grass, hammocks, heart-stopping lyrics, intense conversations, Phillip Simmons iron gates, John Cusack, kissing, laughing 'til it hurts, fortune cookies, self portraits, cookbooks, laughing too loudly, spontaneity, stargazer lilies, lipstick, Chipotle, long emails, lust for life, making lists, cosmopolitans, homemade CD's, iPod's, handwritten letters, afternoon naps on a rainy day, hotels, thought provoking quotes, geocaching, perfect pens, photobooths, lightning bugs, live performance, sleeping babies, car dancing, genealogy, handmade things, Feast of Fools podcast, street festivals, picnics, ghost stories, tidal pools, stained glass, Scrabble, learning new things, flea markets, thunderstorms, sandalwood, Lucky Charms, reading, road trips, sweet potato pie, letters and packages in my mailbox, elderly couples dancing, sharpies, perfect sunlight before dusk, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic, Judy Blume, camping, rollercoaster's, Pat Conroy, good wine, watching the snow fall, Pablo Neruda, mementos, roadside attractions, post-it notes, James Dean, meaningful hugs, smell of chlorine on my skin, talk radio, rainbows, waving goats, good manners, soundtracks, wandering aimlessly, fried pickles, smell of pluff mud, Hans Christian Anderson, candles, dinner with friends, true crime, farmers markets, a knowing look, used book stores, discovering new music, Trivial Pursuit, hot chai tea, daydreaming, abandoned buildings, cozy pajamas, Zots, lavender, margarita's, pop culture, Halloween, books of questions, Emily Dickinson, hiking, excellent coffee, Kids in the Hall, pizza, cemeteries, cooking, scent of vanilla, suprasternal notch, worthwhile movies, laying on a blanket watching the stars, hot baths, cabinet cards, reading the newspaper, adventures, love notes, firm handshakes, chance meetings, blogging, Italian soda's, The Young One's, skeleton keys, serendipity, caramel apples, Sylvia Plath, reading out loud, pin-ups, mosaics, people watching, smoothies, thrift stores, vinyl records, sheets hung outside to dry, salty ocean air, a baby's laugh, sunsets, gerber daisies, coke floats, hippos, campfires, sleeping in, honesty, libraries, art museums, office supply stores, synchronicity, hot soup on a cold day, comfortable silence, saag paneer, The Nutcracker, airmail, Cold Stone Creamery, sculpture, iced tea.

Friday, November 10, 2006

How to lose a viewer...

Last night I was on my computer with the television on in the background and I heard the start of a FOX newscast regarding the recent election. The report was about gay marriage in Massachusetts and how it has been successfully legal for two years and that it will probably stay that way.

During the report, FOX showed several clips of happy gay and lesbian couples tying the knot. Most of the couples would exchange a very happy, intimate and meaningful look and then go in for a kiss. At first I thought I was just imagining things but as I kept watching I realized that FOX showed the couples BEGIN to kiss but NEVER actually showed the meeting of the lips. I suppose that I would have never noticed it if had it been one couple, but it was a series of 7-10 couples all in rapid succession. I sat there in total disbelief.

Moments like this are so incredibly sobering.