Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rosebank Farms

I finally got my Jeep back in full working condition!  Yay!  Several weeks ago that unmistakable electrical fire smell started and when my sister opened the hood there was smoke.  Ugh.  Luckily Tonya's brother Nick is a mechanic so he was able to fix it for the cost of the parts... still really expensive, though.  He was able to get it running again but the AC still needed to be repaired.  I had to wait for him to have a day off, which was Sunday.  With all this Robin stress it was complete torture not being able to hop in my Jeep and go for a drive with my camera.  There was no way I was going to drive around with no AC in this humid South Carolina weather!

As soon as Nick finished fixing my car I was out of here!  Last week when Mark and I went out for dinner we took a drive out to Kiawah and Seabrook and I saw a couple of places I wanted to come back to photograph.  It's a really nice, scenic drive under the massive draping oaks.  I turned on my iPod, relaxed and enjoyed the drive.  It was the first time I felt free since the breakup.  My mind was filled with thoughts of the future.

The main place I wanted to stop on my drive was Rosebank Farms on John's Island.  The other day I noticed a little sunflower field that I wanted to get some photos of.  I parked the Jeep and walked over to the flowers and began shooting.  The whole time I was checking the ground for snakes (I was wearing flip-flops!) because I know fields like this are where they hang out!  Luckily I didn't find any and they didn't find me!

It was late in the afternoon so the stand was closed.  Bummer.  I hope they don't mind that I took some photos of their awesome looking produce and sunflowers.  I definitely need to come back some day soon to buy some fruit and vegetables.  I love watermelon season!!