Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Catholic Ladybug

Since our former dog, Pasha, decided he loved to eat shoes and I never managed to keep them from his reach I had to go to the shoe store to purchase a pair of heels for the wedding of Justin's best friend, Andy, which was today. I went to Shoebilee and found an awesome pair right away and they were only $9! I love Shoebilee!

Since Justin was Best Man in the wedding he had to arrive at the church early so I stayed home to get ready. After getting dressed I drove solo to the church and was one of the first to arrive. While waiting for the ceremony to start I sat in the pew and looked down at my cute new shoes to admire them and I actually said "fuck!" in the church. No one heard me, except for maybe Jesus.

Damn! I had just realized that my super-cute new shoes were navy blue and not black!! I can't believe that I didn't realize this at the store!

They really are very dark so they almost look black! At first I wanted to run home and change them before someone noticed but instead I got up and went to the bathroom to inspect them closer. My shirt was plum and I was wearing black pants so I decided that the navy blue shoes actually went with my outfit so no need for panic or run back home for a change. I wish I could find them in black since 99.9% percent of my wardrobe is black!

The wedding was interesting. It was Catholic, except most of the guests were not. Half the time no one knew whether to sit or stand. There were a couple of times I actually laughed at the confusion. At first I sat alone in the pew but them noticed that I had been joined by a ladybug which captured my attention for most of the ceremony. The fact that the ladybug was entertaining was not surprising. For the most part, I couldn't understand a thing the Priest was saying. He mumbled through the whole service and spoke very low. I just made sure I paid enough attention to stand when others stood.

The hardest part of the whole thing was the fact that my own wedding was supposed to be last month. I pretty much avoid the subject for the most part because it's just way to painful but many people have asked so here's the deal; In a nutshell, Justin and I have decided to postpone the wedding to work some stuff out. I can't speak for Justin, but I don't take marriage lightly and I only want to get married once. We are still engaged, we still live together, we still love each other but we just want to get it right.

Okay, enough of that.

During the wedding there was a minute that I got very choked up. I was really hoping this wouldn't happen!! Regardless of my situation or who is getting married, the part that ALWAYS gets me is when the bride steps into the the entry of the church... the moment the bride and groom see one another for the first time. I looked at Dawn as she entered the church and she was beautiful, then I looked at Andy to check his reaction. I was really hoping that both of them were taking that moment in so they could remember it forever. To me, it is the most pure moment of the whole ceremony.

I looked from Andy to Justin, who was standing next to him and from there I had to look away because I could feel the tears well up. I looked down at my ring, said a prayer, looked at my shoes and for my friend the ladybug... the first sign of good luck I've seen in a long time. to the reception!