Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ohio Phenomena

There are many strange things about Ohio, but the one I think is most peculiar is what locals call the "drive-thru". Basically it's a store that cars drive through (how clever!) Some person comes up to your car and you tell them what you want. They run and go get it and then bring it to you and you pay them for it... then you drive out of the building. You can get soda, beer, wine, cigarettes (for your cancer on the go!) candy, chips - anything your heart desires!

My ex-girlfriend was at my house and was not feeling well and I asked her if she wanted me to get her some ginger ale or something (how sweet am I?) and she said yes. I had total bed head so I put on my ball cap and decided that I was going to conquer my fear of the "drive-thru"... I made Becky (who was also afraid) come with me. The closest "drive-thru" is literally a block away, but I don't think you can walk through the "drive-thru", so we drove the block to the "Beer Depot"

It was quick, easy and painless. I'm still not sure about the whole "drive-thru" situation. I haven't been back since. Also, the ginger ale didn't help since it was her gallbladder, which had to be removed a couple of weeks later.

Maybe one day I will give the "drive-thru" another chance. There's one up the street that looks very inviting. It's called the "Zip-Thru"

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