Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sick Moist Box

I had today off so I wanted to do something fun and productive. I recently signed up to be a volunteer for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. I was a volunteer for several years, but got tired of the bitchy and demanding people who requested photos of their loved ones so I took a break. I haven't received any requests since I've signed up so I went to Find A to see if there were any requests there. I printed off a couple of request pages that I thought I could find and Justin and I set out for Hamilton.

At the first cemetery, St. Stephens, we didn't have much luck finding the graves that the person requested. We were in the right section and found some markers with the correct surname but the first names were not the ones she indicated she needed. After walking the section several times we decided the people did not have headstones and moved on to the next cemetery, which happened to be just down the street.

I had been wanting to come to Greenwood Cemetery for awhile because Ray Combs from Family Feud is buried there. I love a celebrity (no matter how small!) grave site! Unfortunately we didn't have the section number for him so we continued with our original mission and drove to section C. We walked around for over an hour and although we didn't find the grave (again!) I did find something that amused me.

There were actually a lot of "Sick" people there, but sadly not the "Eversole" person we were looking for. We did find a very close match and I took a photo and emailed it to the person requesting the picture in hopes that she got the birth year wrong.

I highly enjoy finding grave markers with unusual last names. This is one that I took at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton. It is, by far, my favorite! I love it so much I do believe that I have a photo of it during every season!

MOIST... Every time I see it I have to take a picture of it.

When we got home Justin decided that he was feeling pretty ambitious and decided to drag our fabulous BLACK Christmas tree out of the basement. He bought the tree last year when we decided that we would be cohabitating so this would be the first year of putting it together. I let him have a go at it while I went and watched the last DVD of "The L Word" (I don't even want to discuss the finale from last season - ugh!) Later on I was beckoned to come look at his masterpiece of a tree and it is quite lovely.

When he opened the humongous Rubbermaid box filled with the ornaments that would be adorning the tree we found this stuck to the lid:

As a public service announcement, Justin and I would like to remind everyone this holiday season... please do not put your small children (or pets in our case!) in Rubbermaid storage boxes!

Just sayin'!

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Clytie said...

This is sooooo cute and funny! I absolutely adore the headstone pictures. And, as always, your writing is superb.