Friday, September 07, 2007

Taxing Situations

I had to share this story...

Tuesday morning I attended the funeral of my friends father. On the way back to work I stopped at the Walgreen's to get a couple of things. I bought two soda's (or "pop" for you Ohioans) and went to the register to check out.

Behind the register were two girls in their late twenties/early thirties. One was a trainee (according to her nametag) and the other was (apparently) the trainer. I put my things on the counter and the trainee went to ring up the first of the drinks. The register beeped and didn't ring up the drink at all. The trainer said "those are $1.29 each" to the trainee. I interrupted that they were on sale two for $2. The trainer said the first one will ring up regular price and the second one will ring up the difference. Okay dokey.

Well, the second one rang up $1.29, also. The trainer looked really confused and a line started forming in back of me. The trainer told the trainee that the drinks would should ring up for a total of $2.14 so the trainer took over and proceeded to ring up one drink for $1.14 and the other for a $1. I still had other things for them to ring up so I asked why she rang up the soda's for a total (before tax) of $2.14 and she said "oh, it's the total with the tax" and I said "well, most of the time you ring up the product for the price, then you hit "total" and the register will automatically add the tax"

The trainer looked really confused and I continued... "so basically you are going to double tax me if you ring it up with the tax already added and then hit total, taxing me again." I really could not even believe that I was having this conversation with an adult... the same adult that was training another employee.

The trainer looked at me, then at the trainee (who had stepped out of the way of the super (not really) confusing situation and then said "I don't know what that means" and I just said "trust me!" I looked back at the people standing in back of me in line and they were all nodding in agreement with me. The trainer said with a slight attitude "it's not my fault they aren't ringing up in the register!"

I'm not sure what that last comment had to do with figuring out how not to double tax people but... whatever!

Reminds me of the song "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies that Becky and I sing to each other on occasion:

"all I wanted was a Pepsi and she wouldn't give it to me..."

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