Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diagnosis: Strep

I woke up this morning with the intention of going to work. Though I don't remember it, I even took a shower. After my shower I collapsed into bed, wrapped myself up in the down comforter and set my alarm. The shower had physically exhausted me. Next thing I know, an hour later I'm still wrapped up in the down comforter with the towel still on my wet hair calling my boss and telling him that there is no way I can come in. Thankfully he was pretty sympathetic.

For the past couple of nights Robin has been sleeping on the couch because her coughing fits are horrendous and keep me up at night. Neither of us have worked since last week and we are both getting stir crazy from being in the house. We both called our doctors and made appointments to be seen today. My doctor was out of town so I made an appointment with one of his colleague's at 3pm. Robin was luckier and got a 10am appointment. I stayed in bed until she returned from her appointment with the lovely diagnosis of strep throat. Ugh.

I pretty much slept until my appointment. Who knew that a person could actually sleep this much? It's unreal! As soon as I headed out to my appointment I was so grumpy because it was downpouring and we were having a lightning storm. I despise driving in the rain, anyway. I was lethargic and lightheaded... I have no idea how I drove myself across town and back. When I walked into the office the receptionist handed me a face mask to put on. I said "do I seriously have to wear this?" and she said yes. It doesn't really make sense since I touched many things in the office during my visit. I used the bathroom, their pen and so on. The mask was uncomfortable and when you are having a hard time breathing in the first place you really don't want something covering your face to further suffocate you! As soon as I got to the exam room it was off!

The doctor I saw was very cut and dry with little personality. She asked questions, I answered them, she examined me and then she left. When she came back she told me that I have strep throat and gave me some prescriptions and a work excuse and I was on my way. When I went to the check I really wanted to poke the girl that "helped" me in the eye. She was chit-chatty with one of those ding-dong sounding Southern accents... not your classic Charleston accent, but the kind you find in the very deep woods where the moonshine is. I gave her my copay and she said I had $25 balance. I made the mistake of asking her what it was from since I always pay my copay (which is actually only $20) and she started to go find someone so I could discuss it with. Really? I was about to pass out and all I could think about was getting back to bed - NOT discussing my medical bill. I told her I would pay it on my follow up visit in two weeks and she said she would note that I said that. Um, okay... I guess she thought I was going to skip out of town! She must be new.

On the drive home I stopped at Chick-fil-A and got a diet lemonade, which I couldn't even taste! No, really.... I couldn't taste it! I tried but it tasted like nothing! So sad since I LOVE their diet lemonade. I never really trust the Chick-fil-A when I get the lemonade, though. The diet and the regular lemonade taste similar so I always wonder if I'm drinking the wrong one. It's sooo sweet and soooo tasty! Today I was seriously parched and just wanted to feel the cold on my throat. The whole way home I chewed on the ice and it felt so good!

I stopped by the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions and all I could think about was getting back in bed. While waiting for my "15 minute guaranteed" prescription fill I thought about getting some chocolate. I was going to get some Sour Patch Kids, which I love, but opted to get gummi worms instead (no, they are not on my diet, but this is a special situation!) I didn't want to eat chocolate and have it be a total waste of caloric intake since I can't actually taste anything I eat. What I really wanted were Fun Bugs. I haven't been able to find them in South Carolina and it makes me a little sad. I'm a fan of pretty much all gummi candies but Fun Bugs are the bomb! I used to get them at the Wal Mart in Ohio. They had them in small packages at the checkout. They are little bug shaped gummi candies with a juicy inside. I LOVE Fun Bugs!! Apparently they have a website for bulk ordering! This could be trouble!

I guess I will have to wait on my Fun Bug order after I have financially recovered from taking three days off this week. It's all without pay since the remainder of my PTO was sucked up during the first week of my cancer treatment. The next couple of weeks will be hard. We'll have to find some fun and inexpensive things to do! Perhaps the weather will cool down and we can break the bikes out for a ride downtown when we feel better. All I know that I have one more day to be cooped up in this house. It's making me insane!


Clytie said...

Ooooooh, i am so sorry for you. I abhor strep. I'm really sensitive to it - and have had it turn into pneumonia, bronchitis, pneumonia AND bronchitis, and even once into meningitis. I'm SO glad you went to the doctor and got some meds!

Now go to sleep, and get over this creepy crawly crud - and don't forget to take ALL of your antibiotics!

Randy said...

I also am susceptible to strep! My kids gave it to me all the time, I'm surprised I don't have it now just from looking at this page!

Pamela said...

We were actually sick for 6 weeks! Robin's actually turned into pertussis! Since she's a nurse they wouldn't let her work for a couple of weeks at the hospital - highly contagious!! Watch out Randy - I'm sure it can seep through the internets!! :)