Saturday, October 02, 2010

St. Stephen's Church

While out and about today we stopped at the St. Stephen's Church to do a RAOGK request. The requester wanted a photo of a grave with the surname Porcher. Did you know that Porcher is pronounced "Pour-shay" in South Carolina? I didn't. I was corrected twice that day. Anyway, in this cemetery there literally hundreds of Porcher's! Robin and I walked back and forth through the cemetery looking for Dr. William for a while.

I have always wanted to visit this beautiful little church but for some reason never did until that day. When I was looking for the grave I was taking photos while I walked. I started toward the back of the church and I heard someone say something to me. I turned around and I saw a woman with flowers in her hand looking at me. I said "excuse me" and she said "Would you like to see the inside?" and all I could say was "Absolutely!"

I went over to Robin and told her and she said she was going to keep looking for the grave while I went inside. There was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity!

The lady and I chatted (I wish I had gotten her name!) while I took pictures. She was there doing the floral arrangements and preparing the church for Sunday service the following day.

I love these old churches! I especially love when I have the opportunity to go inside and explore! Speaking of exploring, while I was inside Robin ended up finding the grave we were looking for so I was able to send the requester a piece of her missing genealogy puzzle piece. If you've ever dabbled in genealogy, you know that one small bit of information can prompt many other unanswered questions and hours more research!

Genealogy is a never-ending hobby - you can take a break, but it always draws you back eventually! I only wish I lived closer to my roots... sometimes!

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