Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Super Moon

Today was supposed to be really productive but it turned out to be a day of lounging in soft pants. I think I needed it desperately since my sleep pattern has been incredibly off and I've been dragging at work. When I come home I'm just drained and the only thing I can think of is vegging out.

Today I did manage to straighten up the house a bit and do dishes. I went to make lunch and realized the heating element in the oven broke in half. I was wondering why it took an hour to preheat! I swear if it's not one thing, it's another!

Robin took a travel nursing job in Miami in January to make more money and no matter how hard she works we can't seem to catch up on things. I swear that one thing happens after the other! At this point I just want her to come home. I miss my partner in crime terribly.

Tonight I decided to escape reality and headed down to Bushy Park with my camera to take some photos of the Super Moon. It was nice and bright but didn't seem much bigger than your average moon.

Besides several drunk kids (who left eventually) it was a quiet and peaceful night. There were a couple of people fishing opposite me who built a small fire on the metal pier. I was wishing I had a bit of that warmth since I, for some strange reason, decided to wear sandals!

Silly me.

Moon-Catchin' Net

I've made me a moon-catchin' net,
And I'm goin' huntin' tonight,
I'll run along swingin' it over my head,
And grab for that big ball of light.
So tomorrow just look at the sky,
And if there's no moon you can bet
I've found what I sought and I finally caught
The moon in my moon-catchin' net.
But if the moon's still shinin' there,
Look close underneath and you'll get
A clear look at me in the sky swingin' free
With a star in my moon-catchin' net.

- Shel Silverstein

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chuckography said...

Thanks. Trust Shel to have something for everything.

Nice photos.