Friday, March 09, 2012

The Name Hat

My Mom once told me that she and my Dad almost named me Lisa.

Lisa? Really??

I started thinking about this story this morning when I was getting ready for work. I was watching the Today show and they were talking about parent's later regretting what they named their children.

The story goes like this...

My Mom wanted to name me Lisa. I'm not sure where she came up with that name. I think it was just popular in the late sixties. My Mother had a kid from another relationship so I was my Father's first born. My Dad really wanted to name me Pamela. My Mom told me that they went round and round about it and finally decided to put both names in a hat and do a blind pick. My Mom knew that my Dad REALLY wanted to name me Pamela and being that I was his first born she intentionally picked his piece of paper. She said she knew it was his because he folded it bigger than hers.

So, Pamela it was.

Growing up, my ENTIRE family called me Pammy. I hate that name. Some people that have known me for years (mostly my cousins) will occasionally call me that and I cringe. I once had a conversation with my Aunt and Uncle and told them that hearing that name makes me insane so thankfully they stopped. Other people, who think they are funny, have called me Pammy. The look I give them pretty much lets them know that I do not think it is funny.

My name is Pamela. Not Pam. Not Pammy.

I've noticed that if I introduce myself as Pamela within minutes the person will call me Pam. Why do people do that? I have grown to accept it. It's what people do and I've learned it's a losing battle. I always said that if I ever had children (which I won't) I would NEVER name them something that people will automatically shorten.

Even though Lisa isn't a name you can shorten I still prefer Pamela. I don't think I look anything like a "Lisa"! I guess I should just feel lucky that my parent's weren't hippies that chose a name like "Rainbow" or something.


jdub116 said...

I will never call you Pam again! I had no idea! People at work call me jen and I HATE it! I've corrected people a million times yet even my work ID says jen... grrr!

Pamela said...

Ha! You can call me Pam... most everyone does. Even I will use it. Like I said, it's a losing battle I stopped fighting long ago. At work, on my desk name plate, it says "Pam." I was told "Pamela" along with my 12-letter last name would not fit. None of my HR paperwork says "Pam" so they just took it upon themselves to shorten it. I wonder what would have happened if it was a name they couldn't shorten? Hmmmm...