Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One for the Columbus girls!

"Entertain Me... I'm Bored" is what my shirt says... it's true. I'm at work, surfing the internet illegally. I can't concentrate on work. I'm "pretending to work", as I like to call it. If people look at me, they will see someone hard at work, typing feverishly but if they looked at my pc screen then they would notice that what I type is not on the screen. You see, since we are on "internet lockdown" I have to minimize my Internet Explorer screen so no one can see what I am up to. I need to find another job. More money... closer to home would be a bonus. What I really need is a job that is a match with my experience instead of something beneath my qualifications. I show up each day and fdo my job but I am so bored. I need a challenge. I need to go back into management, I think. I'm good at it. I look at what I do now and compare that with the responsibility and work load I had when I managed Dr. Eads off ice and it's really like night and day. I miss being busy all day. I miss using my skills to manage and organize the office, the staff... and mostly the Doctors! They needed it! I remember my Mom telling me one day how "lucky" I was that I got that job. That made me really sad because I then realized that she had no concept of my work ethic, experience and the fact that I had busted my ass to work my way up to that position. Now, I sit at a desk pushing papers around, pretending to work while listening to my iPod. Luckily I have a window that I use frequently for daydreaming and almost daily my friend, the cardinal, shows up to say hello which is nice. Yeah, I really need to re-think my job situation before my brain turns to mush.

I'm excited about this weekend. I am not sure what I am doing tonight. I really want to go dancing! I haven't been since the "newscaster convention" at Masque. It's definitely time to waste some energy on the dance floor! Tomorrow I am heading to Lebanon for an investigation at the Golden Lamb. Should be interesting to see how a particular person reacts when she finds out that Justin and I have become closer friends. I can just imagine the unwanted drama that is to come. Hopefully I am wrong and everyone has moved on to bigger and better things!

I'm not sure if I will be staying the entire night at the Golden Lamb. Sunday morning Wishing Chair is playing at my U.U. church. Oddly enough, they are playing for the 11:00 service - it's apparently a music program. We are definitely going to Canal Street Tavern Sunday night to see them so perhaps twice in one day might be a bit of a Wishing Chair overload? We'll see.

I haven't geocached in about a week. I am pretty bitter about a particular person jumping on the caching bandwagon. After doing it once she his now "Queen of Everything Geocaching!" The reaction I have to that is sort of like how my Dad used to shake and scratch his head at the same time as if in disbelief. I think there is a fine line to thinking "Hey! this is fun... let's do it again" to having done eight cache's, then buying a GPSr immediately and acting like you have been doing it your entire life - to the point of telling me how to do certain cache's! When I talk to this person on the phone, geocaching is the only topic. Have fun with that. I love it, will never quit but slow down a bit because it's just weirdly obsessive. You may think me petty, but there is a lot more to the story that I shall refrain from going into. Just venting, thanks!

I think I saw on the Blues Traveler website that they are heading back this way for a show in Richmond in October. Personally, I think that they need to come every month! I need to double-check that bit of info! I'm getting up there in age so if I plan on having John Popper's love child I need to get busy. Jenny will have to distract Holly from making out with John Popper again so I can become impregnated... sorry Holly - one "sexy bitch" at a time :) Wait! maybe not - okay, you can join in! I hope I see you guys there!! (As if I have any doubt in my mind that you will miss it!!)

Well, it's time for lunch. Gotta go since I've been working my fingers to the bone! Sorry for any typo's - just remember I can't see what I am typing!! :)

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