Saturday, April 29, 2006

We're just spinning on some granite, that we like to call a planet...

Things at Xenia Ave are moving along nicely. I made a proposition to Brian (and prefaced it by saying it didn't include his uber-hot girlfriend) that if I cleaned and did the painting, I would move in ASAP and pay my first rent on June 1st. He said okay. Excellent!

Last night after work Noey and I went to Bahn Mai for Thai, which was excellent, as usual. We then went back to Morse Ave. to meet Becky to go to Home Depot. Becky (a.k.a. Vern Yip) was in charge of picking the paint colors since I don't care much for that sort of pressure and I trust her opinion. The girl at the pain counter was hot and I tried to get her to come help us paint but she wasn't interested. Brian had given us $250 but the paint alone was $300. We also bought a ceiling fan for the living room and black and white checkered floor tiles for the bathroom. The total bill was $385 - gulp! Then it was off to the Dollar Store for cleaning supplies... we would definitely need them!

Let me just say that the last tenants moved out just a couple of weeks ago and you would never know. How did they live in these conditions? I think they would win the prize for being the most disgusting people on earth. I mean, how hard is it to pull out your refrigerator and sweep once in a while? How hard is it to clean around your toilet and remove cobwebs from the ceiling? I don't even want to know what kind of DNA is on the bedroom carpet! Thank God for rubber gloves! Becky was gagging and threw up in her mouth a little bit when she cleaned out the fridge. There was all sorts of mold and gross stuff in general.

Noey tended to the cobwebs and the Swiffer Sweeper and I removed nails from the walls and attempted to remove the paint from the glass on the bathroom window. I was having a pretty hard time when I decided to trade jobs with Becky... she had an effective method (as usual) to getting the paint off. My task was to finish the fridge which was so gross that I don't even want to comment further.

The electricity should be turned on Monday so it will be easier to clean and paint at night without the use of a million industrial size extension cords running from Brians apartment to mine. I keep thinking of things I need to do and need to get... I really should break out the Moleskine for note taking since I am prone to forgetting things.

Tonight is Wishing Chair, which I have been looking forward to for some time! I have a hair appointment at 2:30 which is way overdue and I think I might hit a couple of thrift stores while out and about.

I am happy. Things are good. Why didn't I do this a long time ago?

"Life I embrace you
I shall honor and disgrace you
Please forgive if I replace you
You see I'm going through some pain
But now I see clearly
And the dawn is coming nearly
And though I'm human and it's early
I swear I'll never forget again"

~ Optimistic Thought ~
by Blues Traveler

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