Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wenches and Wizards

I've not been feeling well. I have had a headache for days, my nose is stuffed up off and on, the glands in my neck are swollen sporadically and on top of all of this I had my period this week! Can a girl get a break?? Most of all, I'm lethargic and I have to fight off the will to want to just fall into bed as soon as I come home from work! Stupid dumb Ohio weather! It goes back and forth so much, I just can't keep up!

Justin and I went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival on Saturday and I thought it was supposed to be cool. I put on a billion different shirts thinking they were not going to be warm enough. I finally settled on a medium-warm shirt only to find that it really wasn't cold at all - it was actually quite warm. Justin was wearing a turtle neck and we were both hot - at least there was a small breeze that day.

I think the best part about the faire is people watching... where do they come up with those outfits and where was their friend to tell them it wasn't attractive?? It's interesting to see how people define what a renaissance costume is supposed to be... last year I saw a Storm Trooper - how odd is that?

It was a beautiful day so people were out in droves. It was great for people watching but not so much to actually be able to look at any of the stuff for sale. It seems that the deal is to stand in place in front of any jewelry counter... not really looking... just standing - especially if you are with a friend... you must stand beside them - even if you are not really shopping yourself. The object is to hinder anyone else from being able to look at the jewelry. Yep, that's my analysis.

I promised Justin that I would take a picture with him in renaissance garb. I found this to be absolutely amusing since I have never dated anyone that would do that, let alone suggest it! Right on! We waited in line a bit and it was finally our turn. There was not much of an outfit selection to choose from. The guy running the booth said Justin could be a wizard, king or a prince... I think those were the choices, anyway. I chose the grey wizard outfit for him since I thought it would look good with his blue eyes. The choices for me were not exactly desireable. I really wanted to be a wench, but they only had princess-y costumes so I just chose the color that I think looks best on me... scarlet red. The costumes stunk so bad! I don't think they have been washed since the actual renaissance!! Getting our picture taken was actually kind of embarrasing since there were people watching everything that was happening. I felt silly but loved every moment of it.

It was another perfectly wonderful day until we came back to my place and Justin freaked me out by saying that he got "blue sparkles" and thought he saw someone in the attic window. I knew that Brian was in Chicago and there couldn't have been anyone in the house. It totally freaked me out. I made Justin come in and help me check all my closets, doors and window locks. It would not have freaked me out so much if Pam hadn't said that she thought she felt a presence of some sort when she was painting alone in my apartment. I love the paranoral and ghost hunting, but if it isn't paying rent... it's gotta go! Since then, I have not noticed anything but I am am most definitely more aware of things happening. Last night I was talking to Justin on the phone. I had the TV on without sound and all of the sudden both my TV and DVD player turned off... the remote was on the table - not even facing the TV. Interesting!

Speaking of ghostly things. I decided to terminate my membership with the Dayton Ghost Hunters Society for reasons that I will probably go into later. It was a long-time coming and just needed to be done...

Is it Friday yet? This is the longest week in history!

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