Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Spooky Things

Last night I was doing laundry while getting ready for my trip to St. Louis. I went down to the basement and collected the clothes from the dryer, which were still damp. I decided since the clothes were still damp I would hang them to air dry in my apartment and put the ones that I was taking on my trip in the dryer. I walked up my stairs and put my hand on the doorknob which leads into my kitchen and as soon as I touched it I heard he deadbolt lock from inside. I hesitated for a second thinking I must be imagining it but when I tried to open the door I realized that it was exactly what I head. I was locked out.

I didn't really stop to think of how a deadbolt could lock itself. I live by myself and can't imagine that Jake and Basie are clever enough to concoct a plan to lock me out when doing laundry. I am, after all, the one that feeds them and I don't think they are that mischievous! My first thought was to go outside to check if the front door was locked. I never leave the door unlocked so I knew that I was having false hope. I was wearing a nighgown sort of thing so I had to put on the damp clothes that I had been carrying (that were now on the floor) to go outside. As I had thought, the front door and all the windows were locked.

I went into the basement and looked for anything that I could slip between the door and the bolt and found nothing. I walked back upstairs and with all the frustration and anger that I had in me slammed against the door. It actually budged. So... I did that about 20 more times and finally busted the door open, deadbolt and all. There are not little wood pieces all over my kitchen that I am still too pissed off to clean up!

Look how butch I can be!!

This is the same kitchen door that mysteriously opens itself, while deadbolted. On several occasions I have been home and gone into my kitchen and seen the door wide open with the deadbolt still locked. How can a door open when deadbolted?? This apartment is wacky. I need to move. I need money to move! The other day, while in my computer room, the radio in the bathroom kept turning on. There is a switch that you slide back and forth to do this, but it kept doing it on it's own. I would turn it off and 10 minutes later it would be back on. You could blame it on a power surge, except I have never heard of power surges sliding on and off switches! The other morning when Becky and Jennifer came over Becky told me that the radio was on. She thought I had left it on for the cats. Obviously the other inhabitants of my apartment are music lovers. I just with they'd chip in for rent!

In other news, a black cat crossed my path coming down Xenia Avenue the other day. I tell myself that I am not superstitious so why do I even think twice about such things happening. Not that a deadbolt locking on it's own from the inside or a radio turning itself off and on has anything to do with bad luck... just another supernatural occurrence to ponder.

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