Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Handkerchief Code

When I was at my Aunt's funeral this weekend I didn't come prepared with tissues. I thought, for some strange reason, that I would be able to hold out and not cry. (Um, whatever!) Well, as soon as I walked in the door and saw her laid out, I was done. I turned to Peggy and asked her if she had a tissue. She held out what I think was a handkerchief and then went to the bathroom to get me some form of kleenex. The closest thing the church had to offer was those really hard folded hand towels - not very good for hard crying. I think I have abrasions on my face from it.

So, all of this got me thinking about how nice it would have been to have a nice, soft handkerchief of my own. I have never thought of owning one... I mean, it's kind of old fashioned, no? I don't think I would ever use it for nose blowing or anything like that because that is kind of nasty. I have been to more funerals than I care to go to and I always have tissues that crumble and fall apart. I think I need an monogrammed one... don't you think?

I became so curious that I googled the word "handkerchief" - actually to be honest, I spelled it wrong at first. Who knew it had a "d" in it?? I clicked on the Wikipedia link and learned a little more about my new obsession. Who knew there was such a debate going on about hygiene?? I scrolled down to the section that says "See also" and the item "Handkerchief code" caught my eye. Um, whoa. Carpenter Sex?? Ponyism?? Sitophilia?? Definitely worth the click for all you perv's...

Now... I'm not even sure what color I should get!! Something so simple is all too confusing! Do these rules count for women, also??

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