Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm sick of being sick.
I'm tired of taking medicine and miss being able to breathe properly. I can't taste anything so I suppose it's not such a bad thing that I STILL can't find any of those damn Girl Scouts selling their EVIL cookies AND it really doesn't help that a certain someone keeps mentioning that he has boxes of Do-si-do's, Thin Mints and Samoas... My three favorite flavors! Not very nice, I think.

I went to work today even though I woke up feeling like death warmed over. I can't even think straight. I feel like my head is in a vice and I had to force myself to stay at work a whole day. They kept telling me to go home, but I knew that my work would just keep piling up and it would be pain to get caught up. Today was actually the worst of it, I think.

This past weekend I didn't really do much of anything. Just to get out of the house, I forced myself to go to The Devil's Playground on Saturday and yesterday Justin and I had lunch and then went to Jack's Aquarium. On the way to Jack's we passed Sonic and I really wanted a Lemon-Berry Slush. When I lived in St. Louis we had Sonic's all over the place, but in Ohio there are only a few so I rarely get to have my beloved slush's.

I was having TOTAL sensory overload and managed to skip placing our order entirely and drove straight to the window. I don't know what came over me! We were talking and going over all the flavors and I just spazzed out and pulled forward. I heard the guy at the window tell the car in front of us how much their order was and that is when I realized what a dumb ass I am. I told the guy that I was highly medicated and he just was like "mmmmm, hmmmmm... okey-dokey!!" I knew it was time to go home and go back to bed!

Oh! I made a very important decision this week. About 6 or 7 years ago, my friend Jackie and I felt that we were destined to be single and childless forever. We both had a string of bad relationships and were kind of fed up with the whole dating scene. We really thought that we would wind up being the single old lady on our block. You know which one I am talking about... the one that all the kids are afraid of... the one with all the cats? Well, after cat--sitting for several days I have decided that I can NEVER be an old and single cat lady. I have 4 very needy cats in my apartment that like to (in random order throughout the night) stick their wet noses and tickly whiskers in my face while I am attempting to sleep. They actually are very sweet (and NO I am NOT adopting them, Justin!!) I actually don't mind doing it (really!) However, I think I will opt to to be the not-so-single person that may have a couple of pets and kids.

Jackie already went back on her pledge of forever being a single, old cat lady. Her son , Quentin, is now 5!

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