Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gaga Day in the Square

This past Thursday I found out that a group of College of Charleston kids were putting together a dance-a-thon for National Lady Gaga Day at Marion Square downtown on Friday. The dance-a-thon was to last only 30 minutes and would be a fundraiser for Haiti. In a short span of time, these kids got sponsors in order to pay for a dance floor and also got a radio station to volunteer to play Gaga tunes for the dance. How fun! I knew immediately I was going to be there.

When I got home from work I told Robin that we had to practice our 'Bad Romance' dance moves. After dinner we came home, cleared our "dance floor" in the living room and turned on the Bose. The next hour or so was hysterical. We got the basic moves down and in the meantime scared all of the dogs!

The next day I had a doctors appointment at 2:15 and after we were supposed to meet Teresa at Krispy Kreme at 3:45. My friend Troy was supposed to meet us down at the park and I tried multiple times to reach Mark to no avail.

We got to Krispy Kreme a little early so we decided to have a donut and a coffee. I called Mark again and he didn't answer. Soon after I received an email from him with the lyrics to "Shake Ure Kitty" and he ended it with "I am there!" I was so excited that he was coming! It had been ages since I've seen him. He finally called me and we arranged to pick him up at his house.

In the meantime, around 2:50 I received a text message from Teresa saying she was Jeep shopping with April and wasn't going to be able to come... that it was taking longer than she expected. WTF? Okay, first of all, I invited her because we hadn't seen her in a long time and thought it would be cool to hang out with her. Her coming or not coming didn't hinder my plans BUT I thought it was incredibly rude how she handled this. If she knew she was going Jeep shopping with April she should have called me earlier and told me that she might get delayed or possibly not be able to come. She had over a 24-hour notice about this event and she never once let me know that there might be a problem with her making it. We waited there for her. She could have called earlier so we didn't waste our time!


We headed over to Marks house and picked him up and headed to the Square. When we walked up closer to the dance floor I suddenly felt really old. I turned to Mark and Robin and said "You know, we are old enough to be most of these kids parents!" How sobering! But... old, or not, I wanted to dance to Gaga! We bought a t-shirt and found a place on the dance floor.

Before the music started the organizer of the group said a couple of words but the sound system was so horrible that you couldn't hear a word. When the music started it was the same way... you could barely hear the music! It was hard to dance when the music was so faint and the screaming girls were so loud! We ended up moving to the outer edge of the dance floor for breathing space and to look out for Troy.

I checked my phone and had missed Troy's phone call so I called him back and we eventually hooked up. In the meantime, Mark had taken my camera to take photos of people in their Gaga-esque outfits and was telling everyone that he was with different, non-existent newspapers including the "Lesbian Times" He was killing me!

After the music ended and our donation for Haiti was given we decided to get something to eat so we headed over to the Kickin' Chicken for a bite to eat. Good food and great company! We talked about going back to Troy's house to play cards but decided to head out. Robin, Mark and I ended up going to Kaminsky's for dessert and coffee. A delicious end to a really fun evening.

One of the events organizers (I think!)

Mark... striking a pose

I love this shot!

This one too! I wish I knew the people so I could send it to them!

Mark, Troy and I

Dancing by myself

"I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore..." - Lady Gaga

There were lots of scary panty lines.

"ohmygaga!" Me and Robin


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Crazy fun! I would liked to have had my camera there but I was on my way home from a workshop in Myrtle Beach.

Pamela said...

I actually thought you might be there but remembered that your blog mentioned you were in Myrtle Beach. It was much fun, but VERY cold!

Clytie said...

Ah you crazy girl! That looks like so much fun. Love the leg shots, and the, er, panty line shots. And the dancing shots, and the outfit shots. Fantastic!