Sunday, February 07, 2010


Last Wednesday was the anniversary of my Mother's death. I can't believe it's already been a year. I planned to take the day off to do something fun with Robin to keep my mind off of things but what I didn't expect was that Tuesday was actually the hardest day. Tuesday was the day that I spent the morning trying to call my Mom to let her know that Uncle David passed away. I tried all morning and then called my sister, Traci, and had her stop by Mom's on the way to work. That's when she found Mom. For most of the morning I was okay but as the day went on my mind wandered to that day a year ago. I did my best to just focus on work.

When I came home Robin was still sleeping since she works nights. I crawled in the bed next to her and looked over at the bathroom and it was so hard to hold back the tears. I am so glad I was not here for the events that unfolded that day and that I didn't actually see Mom laying on the bathroom floor. I'm still trying to understand how the image is burned in my mind and I didn't even witness it.

It's much easier sleeping in Mom and Dad's bedroom now that we've painted it. I really have to think hard to remember how it used to look and that's a good thing. The bathroom is a work in progress since we have to re-do the floors. We've decided on a paint color and this weekend Robin spackled some of the holes in the wall. Eventually it will be easier to go in there.

On the 3rd we decided to drive to Murrell's Inlet to go to Brookgreen Gardens. I have been to Brookgreen Gardens before but it has been years. Also, the day I visited was probably the hottest day South Carolina has ever seen and it was so hard to enjoy the sculpture and gardens. Wednesday was a gorgeous and sunny day with a high of 67! I love "Winter" days like this!

This weekend was a lazy one, which is nice once in a while - especially when it's rainy! We did venture out today to do some Geocaching. Robin was on #29 and wanted to reach 30 this weekend. We actually did 11 caches so she hit 40.

Caching in South Carolina is so disappointing. The cache hiders aren't creative I find most of the hides kind of boring. I would love to take Robin back to Ohio where the cachers are abundant and very clever with their hides. In South Carolina the caches are one boring micro after another. ugh!

The last cache of the day was down this dirt road pretty close to the house. I have been down the main road hundreds of times and never noticed this road before. I started to get excited because I love a cache that brings me to an interesting location. We traveled down the dirt road and I was thankful we were in the Jeep and not the Miata! We finally arrived at the end of the road which brought us to the Goose Creek Reservoir. We followed the GPSr down a path which was really close to the water. I made the statement that this was where the gators live... not to mention their friend the snake! Luckily we didn't run into any of them!

We continued our walk through the woods/swamp and I decided to check out the cache description. Damn! It was a micro! This was the perfect place for a regular cache with great swag and the jerk hides a freakin' micro! What a waste! After we signed the log and replaced the cache we headed back and as we passed the reservoir I asked Robin to get my camera. The sun was setting and there was a pelican and a couple of egret hanging out. It was gorgeous!

After much fresh, cold air all day we went home and I immediately changed into my soft pants, ordered pizza and am now sitting here blogging while Robin watches the Super Bowl. I hope her team gets some home runs :)

Life is good.


Clytie said...

Your photos are outstanding. Makes me wish I could see these places!

I remember it was your blog about your mom's passing that drew me to your writing ... it really ID hard to believe it's been a year.

Was Robin following the Colts or the Saints?

Pamela said...

Thank you!!

Robin was following the Saints. Actually, come to think of it, everyone I know was following the Saints!!