Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shirt du Jour

When I lived in Dayton I worked at a place called HealthServe that we all still call "HellServe". I made a couple of really good friends when I worked there and we still keep in touch even though I moved back to Charleston. Two of those friends have come to visit me since I've been here.

Tanya and I on on The Battery - December 2009

Noelle, Robin and I on Sullivan's Island - May 2010

The last time we were together in Ohio - December 2008

The whole gang - Tanya, me, Noey, Teresa and Tina - December 2008

Speaking of Healthserve, I was sitting at work yesterday and had something pop into my head out of the blue - Shirt du Jour!! There was a guy named Chris that worked with us that used to wear a different Jesus shirt every single day. At first I marveled at the shirts silently and then I just came out and asked him if I could take photos of them for a daily blog. Chris would come to my desk first thing every morning for our daily photo shoot. I still can't believe he agreed to do it.

After several years I totally forgot about the blog and I can't believe it's still there! It lasted only a short while and I'm not sure why we stopped. Perhaps it was that our company was bought out and we all moved on to bigger and better things (Haha!)

Robin and I are trying to come up with some dollars and coordinate a trip to Ohio to go get my things (I REALLY want my stuff!!) so hopefully we can have another mini reunion with the girls soon!


Clytie said...

What a fantastic idea for a blog!

I hope you can get your stuff soon. I finally got my stuff out of storage after, er, (mumble incomprehensibly) years. It felt really good to revisit my things, and a lot easier to let loose of the ones I didn't really need.

Pamela said...

I was thinking the same thing about purging and consolidating my things before I come back. I mean, I've lived over a year without a lot of those things. Do I really need some of it??