Sunday, November 07, 2010


The other night, while relaxing at home, Robin asked me if I wanted to go eat some cupcakes in a few days... um, YEAH!! She went on to explain that there was going to be a CupcakeCamp at Aloft Hotel in North Charleston.


So, apparently the gist is that vendors, people or whomever bring cupcakes in to be eaten and eventually judged. It's a free event and they invite people to come in and eat all the cupcakes they want for FREE! How can you say no to that?! We made plans to meet up with my friend Carol and her family to get our cupcake on!

Carol later told me that on the way to the event she had her kids in the car (who both know me) and also a pre-teen friend of one of her daughters. She told them that they would be meeting us there and then went on to tell the kids (especially the one we had never met) that Robin and I were lesbians... just so they would know. This made me laugh. I mean, what did Carol think we were going to do? See cupcakes and not be able to control ourselves and start making out?? The friend of Carol's daughter apparently was very excited about this news because she (according to Carol) started clapping her hands excitedly because she had "never met a lesbian before"!! LOL! That was hysterical to me! I made sure to give her some extra attention! I didn't want her to have a disappointing "first lesbian meeting"!! I think I might have scared her a little, though.

Anyway, the event was from 3-5pm and we arrived just a little after three. When we walked into the lobby of the hotel it was chaos. There were people everywhere and no indication of which direction to go. There was a line wrapped around the room so we just followed it and made our way to the back. We had no idea what we were doing or what line we were getting in. We just hoped that this particular line led to cupcake heaven!

Carol sent me a text asking me where I was and I said "in line" - she soon came to find us told us that we were, in fact, in the cupcake line. She waited with us and gave us the scoop about how it worked - they bring out new flavors of cupcakes in 20 minute intervals so when you got to the table it was a crapshoot of what you were going to get!

When we finally got to the table we grabbed a napkin and quickly perused the selection. The first one I picked out was a tasty looking Oreo cupcake and also a carrot cake cupcake with rum raisin icing - hello! When we got to the end of the tables I saw another that had a Reese's peanut butter cup on top that was practically melted into the chocolate cupcake. omg! I told Robin to grab one of those so we could share it!

The cupcakes were amazing!


Chocolate with cayenne pepper and candied bacon and one with pomegranate (not sure of the flavor!)

A sea of cupcakes! Yum!!

Shrimp and Grits with Pimento Cheese

Robin's first round - Carrot Cake, Reese's for us to share and Tiramisu

After finding a place to sit Robin ran to get some beverages. When she returned we dug in! I started with the carrot cake cupcake and was really wishing that I had a fork, it was so huge! I must say that after that first cupcake I was done. Robin had already gone to fetch a second round for us and I still had one and a half cupcakes left to eat. I managed to take a bite of the Reese's cupcake and it was delicious, but I think it put me over the edge of sugar-overload! I sat and drank my coffee and talked to Dave until Carol and Robin returned.

CupcakeCamp was quite the people watching event. I would occasionally turn my attention to the judges table and they were taking all of this quite seriously. I tried forever to get a picture of the female judge sniffing a cupcake like it was fine wine until I was successful. It made me giggle.

Sniff, Sniff!

Cupcake Judges. One could be so lucky!

When Robin was waiting in line she met up with an old friend of mine named Zoe who used to hang out with me, Carol and all of our "punk" friends downtown back in the eighties. Robin has actually never met Zoe before today, but Zoe recognized her from Facebook and all of our crazy photos, which is really funny. Pretty soon we were all reunited (I haven't seen Zoe since the eighties!) and hanging out and having some cupcakes!

Carol, Zoe, Me & Robin

Who doesn't love cupcakes?

The event was really fun and it was great catching up with old friends! Oddly enough it turns out that CupcakeCamp was the brainchild of an old classmate and former co-worker of mine, Heather. I had no idea!

We ended up coming home with several cupcakes that we got, but didn't manage to eat - our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs! We did manage to put a hurting on several of them while there!

Cupcake Aftermath!

They should do this every month!!


Clytie said...

Ohmigoodness, I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at those pictures! What a lusciously wonderful event!

And I just had to laugh at your description of your friend and the young teens ... too funny.

I found a heart in one of your photos. Do you mind if i copy it to feature on Guest Heart Thursday? No, i'm not going to tell you which one it is. Can you find it? (Hint, it's a cupcake!) :=}

Pamela said...

Clytie - Of course! You may absolutely use my photo! guess is it's the little heart on the front of the s'mores cupcake!

Clytie said...

Ohmigosh, I missed that one! The one I saw was the white cupcake in the bottom right corner of the last photo! But now I see the S'mores one too! Yee haw!!! I can't wait to share these gorgeous hearts!

Pamela said...

I can't wait to read it!!

Carol said...

Haha - I just happened to read your blog - I'm sorry that you thought I told them that you were lesbians because I might be afraid of what Y'ALL might do - that wasn't it at all!! I was afraid of what THE KIDS might do (or say!). Just like when we were kids - they can say the darndest, most embarrassing things - at the worst times ever. I didn't want someone shouting out "THAT'S SO GAY" about something (which is a big thing to say nowadays - weird because I remember it being a big thing to say back when we were growing up). MY kids already know you are gay - as we've had several discussions with them (which I've told you about) and they are on your facebook. I made a point of telling them more for Lizzy - who is one child of seven kids - and you never know what she's gonna say. I figured I'd get it out in the open. Jeez - if I had known you were offended, I wouldn't have told you that I told them in the first place - lol! That's just a normal parenting thing - at least something we do - I give a little background information about what we are doing and who we are doing it with - so that the expectation of good behavior is understood by all... :)
I never expected y'all to start making out over cupcakes! lol I'm not sure I've ever seen you even kiss anyone in all our years except for that night at the Howard Johnson's and we'll just take the details of that night to our graves. ;)

Pamela said...

Haha! Your post made me laugh! We weren't offended at all! We thought it was funny! I guess we just don't think about it and when someone brings it up it's almost like "oh yeah- we're different" Well, not really, but a lot of people (not you) don't accept it and we forget because we don't surround ourselves with people like that. We're very open and don't really care - I totally understand bringing it up to a kid - I wish more parents did that - so really, thanks!! I loved that we were Lizzie's "first lesbians"! I think it's hysterical and I'm kind of offended that she hasn't "friended" me on Facebook! No worries at all. By the way, cupcakes do make me all warm and fuzzy inside, but I've learned how to control myself :) AND the night at the HoJo - yeah, that won't be in the blog anytime soon!