Wednesday, November 24, 2010


When my Mother passed away one of the "things" I inherited was Maggie. My Mom had two dogs. Maggie and Uno. Maggie is almost 12 years old and we have had her since she was a puppy. I barely knew Uno (named so because of having only one eye) so I re-homed her with the insurance lady at State Farm whom she is still happily living with.

I didn't think I could care for a dog at the time so I also re-homed Maggie. The lady took her home and ended up bringing her back the next day because her husband had a terrible allergic reaction. How did he not know he was allergic to dogs? Anyhow, I'm glad things turned out the way they did because I think Maggie is really happy living here with the other 3 crazy dogs, Jake (the most handsome cat on the planet!) and us. Sometimes I still feel bad about even thinking of re-homing her. She's my shadow and follows me everywhere. I think she would be really sad living elsewhere.

One thing about Maggie is that she has a tendency to get what I like to call mangy. She's a Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix so her fur can get really long. My Mom used to get her groomed every other month, or so because she also has skin allergies. We're talking special, expensive medicated shampoo and a fancy haircut. My Mom would tell the groomers to keep the hair on her face and tail long and I never really cared for that. I thought it looked weird. Over the Summer Robin decided that Maggie needed a military-style cut so one day I came home and looked at her I was in shock. She was practically naked!! I think she liked it though because she pranced around like she was super-hot! I could tell that she was also much cooler without all that crazy hair in the way.

Over the past couple of months Maggie has gone without the grooming because of financial reasons. She's starting to look like her crazy old, mangy self and I told Robin that we need to break down and take her to the groomers, which we agreed to do this weekend. Well, today I get a call at work from Robin who proceeded to tell me that she attempted to give Maggie a haircut on the back porch with the electric trimmer. Robin decided that I was right and said that it was harder than a person would think it would be... Maggie's hair is really thick! Robin said "Well, at least she can see now!" A good thing since Maggie's hair hangs in front of her eyes!

When I came home I had to laugh because I really wasn't prepared for what I saw...


What in the hell happened to the top of her head? You know, I didn't even ask, but I think Robin and I came to a silent agreement to leave the dog grooming to the professionals.

I love that Robin tried <3 !

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Clytie said...

Oh that look on Maggie's face is absolutely priceless! I think 'humiliated' just about covers it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Pamela - I hope you and Robin have a wonderful day.