Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom's Cheese Ball

My Mom was infamous for her cheese ball. Over the years she brought it to event after event and everyone would always rave about it Without fail, people would always asked for the recipe. While growing up it was a staple at every holiday pre-dinner, Super Bowl party and New Years Eve celebration.

Just before my Mom passed away she (for some bizarre and unknown reason) made 20 cheese balls one evening. While making the cheese balls her hands were getting pretty messy so she took off her rings (including her engagement ring and wedding band) and placed them in a paper towel and put them on the kitchen counter. Several days later she called me in tears - she told me that she forgot the rings were in the paper towel and she accidentally threw them away. She turned the house upside down searching for them and then realized what she did. She was completely devastated.

Upon Mom's passing my older sister was supposed to inherit Mom's wedding bands and we all know that if Mom didn't lose them the local pawn shop would probably end up being the proud owner. Divine intervention, I think. When Mom passed away I came home and had the task of emptying the freezer full of cheese balls. Fun times. Seeing all the cheese balls was bittersweet but I found them a home... with my older sister. I told her that she should pretend they were Mardi Gras king cakes and instead of looking for a baby, she should look for the rings. She wasn't amused.

So, in honor of my Mother's birthday - which is today - I offer up her cheese ball recipe. The card is in her writing but I would go by the other directions, which is more current. She always served the cheese balls with Sociable Crackers - Yum!!

-Mom in 1970-

Kathy's Cheese Ball
6 oz. package of roka bleu cheese
(or substitute 5 oz. jar of Kraft roka bleu spread)
2 - 8 oz packages of cream cheese
1 jar of soft sharp cheddar spread
1 medium onion, chopped finely
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Chopped pecans

Spread nuts on cookie sheet and bake until roasted - let cool.
Mix rest of ingredients making sure to mix bleu cheese in thoroughly.
Shape into 2 small/medium balls or 1 large ball.
Roll cheese ball over nuts and then cover with foil.
Keep cool until served.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

-Mom in 2002-

April 13, 1946 ~ February 3, 2009

Let me know if you try the recipe!


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