Saturday, April 30, 2011


Back in October 2009 Robin and I visited the fantastic Sheepman murals on Folly Road after reading about them in Charleston Daily Photo. I was simply amazed at the incredible artistry of Douglas "Sheepman" Panzone and took a ton of photos which I eventually put on my Flickr page.

About three weeks ago I was at work and received an email from Flickr stating that Charleston Magazine added me as a contact on Flickr. An hour after I received that email I received another email:

Hi Pamela,

I am messaging you on behalf of Charleston Magazine, based out of Charleston, South Carolina. We are interested in one of your images, taken in Charleston, on James Island, of the graffiti art on the backside of a building off Folly Road. The specific image is at this link:

We are hopeful to be granted permission by you to use this image as our "Last Page" for the May 2011 issue. Along with a high resolution (at least 5x7 inches at 300 dpi) image, we will need a photo credit and address, to which we will send a complimentary issue. Also, we would like any and all caption information regarding the artist and the mural to accompany the image. As we are on a tight deadline, an immediate response would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at @charlestonmag. com or (843)xxx-xxxx

I look forward to hearing from you!

Design Intern

I was so excited! I love Charleston Magazine and was honored that they were interested in one of my photos. I responded immediately and sent the required info. Soon after I received an email telling me the photo was already in the layout of the magazine! Wow! They told me that I would receive a complimentary issue when it was published.

Today I checked the mail and was glad to see that the issue finally came! As I opened the protective plastic I still wasn't convinced that the photo was actually in the magazine - too good to be true, you know? I flipped to the "last page" and there it was! The first thing I did was check for the photo credit to make sure they spelled my last name right! - they did!! That made me twice as happy! My photo looked awesome in magazine print!

Getting noticed on Flickr has happened to me once before. I don't recall if I ever wrote about it, but last year I was contacted by Ripley's Publishing asking for permission to use my photo of the grave of Mercy Brown that I took in Exeter, Rhode Island in 2007 for their 2012 "Believe it or Not" Annual which will be released August/September 2011. They emailed me a photo permission and release page, which I had to mail to to Ripley's in London. The photo will appear in the vampire spread of the book 2012 annual. Just a couple more months until it's released!

Super exciting!

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