Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stargazers and Dreamgirls

So there I was at work... bitching endlessly about having to help out customer service on the phones. My shift was from 12pm to 2pm. I despise having to talk to patients on the phone about bills. They never call because they are happy and want to thank you... they usually call because they are mad and want to dispute something... not so much fun, really! I was so happy when 2pm rolled around. I started getting my junk together when I happened to look up at the receptionist desk. There was a man with a flower delivery and they happened to be one of my favorite flowers... stargazer lilies! I kind of hid behind the computer and kept on talking to Felica since I had a feeling that they might be for me.

They were.

So, I was totally embarrassed (in a good way, mind you) as I carried my beautiful flowers from the amazingly wonderful Justin, back to my desk. It was so sweet. My hands were trembling and I was trying not to cry. I don't think I worked much for the rest of the day. I mean, how can you really work when you have fabulous stargazer lilies on your desk and a silly smile on your face??

Tonight Becky and Pam took me to see Dreamgirls for my birthday. How is it that Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol? She has an amazing voice! I wasn't really impressed with the theater at the Greene. It was a Friday night and there was no food ready for patrons. I really wanted pretzel bites but there was a 22 minute wait on them! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Having to wait for food to cook at a movie theater? Also, the chairs became uncomfortable about an hour into the movie and I think the sound quality in the theater was lacking. I hope that this isn't a regular occurrence! I did like the movie, however. I was looking hard at Beyonce on the big screen for any slight imperfection and just couldn't find one. Ugh!

Well, it's 2:33 am and I am offically 38 years and 3 minutes old. In 1,051,197 minutes I will be 40! It seems like yesterday that I was crying to Devin on the phone when I turned 30! Hmmmm... gotta go look for new wrinkles or crows feet... thank God for photoshop!

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