Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Day

Something is terribly wrong with me. I keep getting sick. I should bel happy that it's only on weekend mornings, but waking up to nausea is not fun. I am feeling better... thanks for asking.

I woke up hoping the weather people were going to be made asses of again, but no such luck. How many inches is it?? I need to check on that. I knew it had snowed as soon as I woke up and my room was glowing from the reflection outside. Damn that Mother Nature!

I spent the entire day attempting to keep food down and I finished watching 'Walk The Line'. I love Joaquin Phoenix, but I had a hard time seeing Johnny Cash in him except, perhaps, in the Folsom Prison performance scene. I really don't know much about June Carter so I don't really have an opinion on Reese Witherspoon's performance. I had no idea that June Carter Cash wrote "Ring of Fire"! I love that song!

After the movie I finally got up the energy to go outside and dig out my car from the snow trench that the lovely city of Dayton buried it under. I knew that if I waited until morning I would be in trouble. When I walked out my backdoor to open the garage door I noticed a couple of animal tracks in the fresh snow. One looked like a chicken but I am assuming it wasn't since I am not aware of any wild chickens on the east side. The other was something I didn't recognize but I think it might be a chupacabra. I called Becky and she said perhaps it was a rabbit? Maybe all the noises I hear upstairs are wild chupacabra and not ghosts as I suspected??

Rabbit or Chupacabra??

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