Sunday, February 25, 2007


I should be cleaning my apartment, but instead I am drinking coffee and (as my friend Jimmy's Mother calls it) "living the life of ease." I suppose at some point today I should get dressed and actually leave the house. Well, I have several hours before the Academy Awards start tonight to take care of my errands... so coffee and the life of ease, it is!

Yesterday I met Justin in West Chester (is that one word or two words? Need to look that up!) and we drove to Indiana to go to the Webb Antique Mall. I think they should change their name to the "Webb Clown / Princess Di / JFK memorabilia Antique Mall." I get major sensory overload in places like this. I love all the small items in the glass cases but if you really looked at them closely it would take you all day! We wandered about and tried to be organized about our route through the place, but it really had a strange layout. Justin tried to be helpful by picking out things to decorate my apartment with, like a massive clown head, Princess Di rugs and scary dolls to put over my non-existent headboard. I told him once that if we ever end up cohabitating I will leave all the decorating up to him... now I'm not so sure. Sadly, we left empty-handed.

We drove back to Oxford and he took me to the library at Miami U. Did you know that I am dating a celebrity? There is a poster advertising the library with a picture of Justin on it hanging in the stairwell... I TOTALLY have to have one of these! Who needs scary clown heads when I can have a poster of Justin and his co-worker who uses her kid as an excuse everytime she needs to leave early, to decorate my apartment?!

We were supposed to go see a play at the University so we went to Justin's office to check to see if tickets had been released. Before buying the tickets he showed me around one of the creepiest libraries I have ever been in. His office is in the basement of the Art and Architecture Library and the whole time I was there I was really creeped out. He told me stories about suicides in the building but I really try to keep an open mind about places like this and not let stories or past events influence my feelings and thinking. The library was closed so it was just the two of us. I constantly felt like someone was watching me. I kept turning my head to look, but of course no one was there. He goes there to study sometimes overnight - there is no way I would be in there alone!

We had a couple of hours to kill before the play, so we went to dinner and we started to have freezing rain. By the time we left the restaurant there was an inch of slush on the road. We didn't know how long it was supposed to last and decided to go to the play anyway.

The play was "The Conversion of Ka'ahumanu" It was done in a very small and intimate theater at the University. Although a bit long at times, it was interesting since I really have no idea about the history of Hawaii and it's native people (sorry Justin! - I'm learning!) I can't imagine having to act in such a small setting. I mean, I can see getting up on a stage and doing a play because you really can't see the audience because of all the lighting. With this play the actors might as well have been part of the audience! At times they were a foot away from us and there was a lot of eye contact between the actors and audience members. I think I would start laughing or something. I suppose this is why I am not an actress.

When we left the play the freezing rain was still coming down. I was wearing clogs and my socks were drenched. Justin had an umbrella but it didn't really help much! I just knew I was going to fall and bust my ass. We made it to the car and he was using the ice scraper brush to get all of the slush/ice off the car. This is the point in the story where I become an abused woman. He went to throw the scraper into the backseat but when doing so, he whacked me on the head with it and all the ice and slush that was on the brush was now all over me! He was VERY amused by this. I think that I have a concussion as well as cerebral hemorrhaging along with hypothermia from all the fallen ice that landed on me... PLUS, it was dirty ice! :(

And, yes... I plan on using this act of abuse for years to come against him! :)

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