Saturday, April 14, 2007

All Season Soap

Several months ago I discovered a bar of soap laying on the stairs leading to my front porch. I thought it was really strange because I didn't put it there and it was actually quite close to my porch. The person that put the soap there was in close proximity to my front door and that's kind of creepy. What is more creepy is that they had a bar of soap with them.

I have thought a lot about this bar of soap and I have wondered about the scenario which resulted in the leaving of the soap on my step. For instance, where is the packaging? Why was the person (if it was a person!) carrying a bar of soap that wasn't in the package? This soap has been on my step for months! I noticed it before winter. When it snowed I was shoveling the front steps and realized that I had shoveled the soap into my yard. I didn't really see it when I did that... I just knew it was on the step before the snowfall and with one quick shovel it was gone!

So, the soap has survived sunshine, rainstorms, blizzards and miraculously, the mail carrier hasn't killed themselves tripping on it! After the snow melted the soap re-appeared on my steps but a little further down. I know that it isn't my soap because I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint bar soap. I think this soap might be of the Caress or Tone brand. It's lost a lot of it's color but has nicely maintained it's shape throughout the seasons.

The soap couldn't have been accidentally tossed from the garbage truck because the garbage is actually in our back alley. My street does have a lot of foot traffic with all the crackheads wandering around, but how many crackheads have soap with them? Also, my house sits up on a hill pretty far from the street and the probability of someone just tossing the soap onto my steps is slim.

I have thought about when I get my lawn mowed and think I might have to tell whomever does it to leave the soap alone. I am not sure what is stranger... the mysterious soap on my step or the fact that I am blogging about it.

The Mystery Soap!

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