Thursday, April 19, 2007

Schizophrenic Lawn Mowing

Yesterday when I came home from work and errands, I noticed that my neighbor decided to mow the lawn in a very schizophrenic way. There are large clumps of grass here and there and I was trying to decide if he was attempting to make a statement with mowing art. I thought maybe he would finish the job today, but no such luck. I'm just happy that he mowed half of my yard!

Today when I arrived home I walked across my busy street while attempting to not get killed by the Xenia Avenue crackheads. When I stepped on the sidewalk I actually gasped! My bar of soap was no longer safe on my stairs!! My bar of soap was now on the main sidewalk VERY close to the street. I almost picked up the soap and moved it back to it's former residence but thought that I might be messing with the intended journey of the soap.

I didn't notice the soap on the sidewalk yesterday so I think this may have happened today. I wonder if the mail carrier was in a bad mood and just kicked it? I wonder if it happened yesterday during the schizophrenic lawn mowing? Perhaps I will run to the sidewalk when it gets dark and return the soap to it's original place?

How can you just mess with someone's soap like that?!

Notice the schizophrenic mowing technique on the right side of the lawn!

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