Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today I went to the crackhead Kroger on Wayne Avenue. There are actually a couple of crackhead Kroger stores but this, I believe, is the true crackhead Kroger. When I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw a sign that totally perplexed me, so I thought I would share it with you.

Can someone please explain what the hell a "bascart" is? Is this some weird Ohio thing that I don't know about yet? I worked in the grocery store business for 7 (very long!) years and have never heard of bascarts! We called them "buggies" where I lived. I know that's probably a strange southern term that mid-westerners will laugh at, but it is what it is. I usually called them "carts" but will occasionally slip with the "buggy" term.

I am assuming that bascarts are somewhat of a hybrid of carts and baskets but remember... this is the crackhead Kroger and there is no way that there will be something as sophisticated as a hybrid ANYTHING happening here! The carts in this particular Kroger look like any ordinary grocery store cart... just a little more worn. I'm almost afraid to put groceries in them, which is why I only stop there for small things like bread so I won't be forced into using the carts... er, bascarts.

I wonder who actually ordered the sign? Did the makers of the sign question what the hell a "bascart" is, like I did? I've never noticed these signs at the other Kroger stores.

Where is my brilliant linguistics student when I need him? (sigh!)


Kristy said...

I am not sure what they are but I noticed the same sign at a Kroger here in Texas. Strange

Anonymous said...

My mom worked for Krogers for years and my family all call shopping carts "bascarts." It's just a brand name. Kroger must've used this brand.My wife snickers when I say bascart.

KroEmp said...

Bascart, it is just the term for those stupid shopping carts. I work at a Kroger, and in every bit of training and official writing they call them bascarts. As I understand it though it is a regional thing, like pop and soda.

Out of fairness, nobody actually calls them bascarts outside of that official junk or to distinguish them from some of the other carts and whatnot we have.

Kelly Warren said...

Put a post-a-note asking?