Saturday, January 31, 2009

Charleston Snobbery 101

Today I was chatting on Facebook with an old friend from high school named Cindy. Cindy was in the class ahead of me and I haven't talked to her since 1987. We were catching up on what both of us have been doing the past two decades and she asked the inevitable question of what I was doing in Ohio. She said that she lived in Columbus for 10 years, got married, had kids and then went back home to Charleston. During our chat I shared with her my thoughts regarding Ohio and we chatted about the people of Ohio and their obsession with Myrtle Beach (aka The Redneck Riviera) and she told me something that I found very amusing.

We were talking about how many palmetto flag and crescent moon (from the South Carolina State flag) stickers I see on cars here. I see them all the time and I wonder if the people that have them even know what they stand for. She said over the last couple of years she has been seeing stickers on cars in South Carolina that say "GO BACK TO OHIO"


At first I didn't believe her because that is just too brilliant so I Googled it. Sure enough there used to be a website that was but sadly, it's now defunct. Apparently Charleston's minor league baseball team, The Riverdogs, even had "Go Back to Ohio Night" at their games! I love it.

This is an article from


In most parts of South Carolina, people recognize illegal immigration as a real problem. But there is one group of problematic undocumented aliens that is often overlooked: Ohioans.

So one South Carolinian set out to raise awareness about what he calls the “torrential deluge” of Ohio travelers who “stay far longer than the allotted welcome” by creating the website (I’ve linked to them before but failed to show them the proper love they deserve).

The site has been up for a few years featuring directions home to Ohio, theories as to why there are so many Ohioans in South Carolina, and even a CafePress store with a few popular bumper stickers.

The site even teamed up with the Charleston RiverDogs baseball team in June to host a “Go Back to Ohio Night” (picture above). No joke. So you can probably guess how this has gone over with folks in Ohio. Not very well.

Charlie the Riverdog and his "Go back to Ohio" t-shirt

I think the thing I have enjoyed the most about this story is the feeling of validation. I knew I wasn't crazy about my thoughts regarding the Ohioan obsession with South Carolina. The dreamy looks I have gotten while people think of their memories of the ocean... all the Myrtle Beach t-shirts I have seen at Ohio thrift stores. I just knew it was not my imagination and now I have proof!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning kicking an entire state's visitors out of another state. I mean, I have lived all over the country and am thankful no one told me they wanted me to leave. The snobbery of South Carolinians doesn't surprise me, especially of Charlestonians!

I don't blame Ohioans one bit for wanting to visit or live there. It's gorgeous, it's warm and believe me, after this week I wish I were there too!

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Anonymous said...

Being that I'm from Ohio and now living in South Carolina (due to my husband's job transfer - not for the weather), I feel like I should be offended...After all, GO BUCKS! However...I really just want to buy one of those shirts for the irony.