Thursday, January 29, 2009

Over It

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Ohio? What I hate the most about Ohio is the snow and ice. I hate having to risk my life to go to work. I hate that I have to get up and stare at the news to see if my company has closed due to snow. I hate how stupidly people drive in it - do they think they are invincible?? I hate the fact that it has snowed in Ohio FOREVER and the morons STILL can't make the roads ice and snow free even more than 24 hours after the last snowfall!! How is that possible? You would think they'd have gotten the hang of it by now! I hate having to dig my car out. I hate how the snow traps you in your home. I hate how people tailgate when there is OBVIOUSLY ice on the highway! I saw someone speeding this morning. The roads were HORRIBLE and this car slid into the ditch... I didn't feel sorry for them one bit. Oh yeah... they had Ohio license plates. I would have felt sorry if they were from Florida.

I bet the roads will be no better tomorrow morning. Ugh.

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