Friday, March 13, 2009

Parkay and the Dog Park

A couple of weeks ago my sister Traci, her girlfriend Tanya, and I went to La Hacienda for dinner. When we sat down at the table I noticed a bottle of squeeze Parkay next to the hot sauce.

Isn't that odd?

It made me wonder if the people that sat there before us asked the server if they had any margarine. Of course that made me wonder what, in a Mexican restaurant, would you ever put margarine on? The thought actually kind of grosses me out a bit.

It's one of those questions in the universe that we will never know the answer to.

So, after my ordeal at the dog park last week... wait, I don't think I ever wrote about it!

So, my Mom's dog Maggie, who is a Lhasa apso mix, hasn't really been out of the house in years. My mom couldn't walk her so the only exercise she ever got was running around the back yard. I took Maggie for the vaccinations last week just so I could take her to the dog park. She was so excited to ride in the car and to her it didn't really matter where she was going - it was out of the house and that is fun times in dog world!

The dog park is located at Wannamaker Park, which is a local county park only a couple miles from my house. We arrived and I saw that there were several other dogs running around. I didn't really worry about Maggie because she is socialized and does very well around other animals. When we walked through the gates the other dogs, who I believe were boxers but am not really sure, surrounded Maggie. I walked her over to another part of the park before taking off leash. She wasn't concerned at all with the other dogs and initially, after the first smell, they left her alone also.

I followed Maggie around the park and soon the other dogs were back. The dogs owners were only a couple feet away and I stayed pretty close to Maggie since this was her first time. All of the other dogs were soon surrounding Maggie and smelling her EVERYWHERE! Maggie isn't too keen on other dogs smelling her nether regions so she growled. I think I would too if I had all those noses in my crotch!

When Maggie growled all hell broke loose and the other dogs started attacking her. It was four against one! I immediately picked Maggie up and started yelling at the other owners to control their animals. While I had Maggie in my arms the other dogs were repeatedly jumping up and down nipping at both me and Maggie. I had to kick them away. The other owners stood there and patted their laps and were saying things like "come here boy"... um, clearly they hadn't grasped the severity of the situation. I kept turning around to keep the dogs from biting us and kept yelling at the other owners to get their fucking dogs. Some guy finally stepped in. I think he had just walked into the park and saw what was happening. He helped me walk to the gate while pushing the attacking dogs away. The other owners, who were both young girls, really did nothing.

That day I ended up walking Maggie around the park pond on the path. The path is lined with signs saying "Please don't feed the wildlife" which went on to list ducks, geese, turtles and alligators. Um, alligators? I mean, yes, I'm in South Carolina and we do have gators, but I really didn't expect them to be in the county park pond. One of the signs said "A fed gator is a dead gator!" Wow! From the minute I saw the signs I was on a gator hunt. I really wanted to see one and in my mind I was strategically planning my escape because they run very fast... the key to escape is to run in a zig-zag formation because they can't! Whenever I mention this (which isn't often, really) my friend Steve always states matter-of-factly that this is what you do when someone is shooting at you with a gun. How he knows this, I am not sure!

Yes, gators and guns = zig-zag running!

During a conversation this week (not sure who with!) I found out that at that same park this past Sunday a pit bull attacked and killed a 9 month old, 5-pound Maltese puppy.

What the hell?! I think I would much rather subject my Mom's dog to a gator attack than a pit bull attack! I'll be sticking with the park pond path until they make the fenced off area for smaller dogs, which is exactly what I did today! Maggie loves running around (on a leash) like a crazy dog and after sitting around the house for a month I really need the exercise too! If I ever receive the package Justin mailed to me 2-day priority almost three weeks ago I'll have to load my gps with some cache's that we can do while walking in the park.

Ever since my tick incident I have had many conversations with people that have their own tick stories. It seems these ticks are out of control and have attacked everyone I know! Days later I am still rubbing my whole body looking for more that might be hanging out. I'm trying not to obsess about it because there is potential for me ending up as the girl in the bubble and really, that just won't be happening in the Summer heat of South Carolina! I need to investigate to see if there is such a thing as tick repellent.

My friend Becky suggested that I need to invest in some Kevlar leg warmers for potential snake attacks. I can be safe, yet fashionable, while traipsing through the woods looking for a cemetery or a geocache! Apparently she wasn't thinking about those snakes that like to hang out in trees!

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