Monday, September 06, 2010

Going Home

I slept horribly last night. I should have taken an Ambien but I wanted to make sure I woke up in time to get ready, so I didn't.

With a houseful of people it's kind of hard to make sure you get in the shower before someone else beats you to it. Denise and I already planned out that she would get in the shower first and then she would do her makeup while I was in the shower, then I would do my makeup. Her brother was also staying there, also and she informed him of our plan prior to this morning but, not surprisingly, he totally ignored our request and selfishly spent quality alone time in the bathroom after Denise showered while I waited. Unfortunately this forced me rush to get ready instead of being able to relax and have a smooth and stress-free morning.

The rest of the day wasn't an improvement. I would go into it, but I'm feeling pretty censored these days. It's my blog. I know that I shouldn't feel that way and I actually thought a lot today about moving my blog to a private URL since I've gotten backlash left and right for things I have written. I don't know... When I used to blog on MySpace I could pick and choose who I wanted to read my posts, but I know that Blogger is an open forum. I wonder if there is another site where I can keep certain posts private. Isn't it awful that I have to even consider that?

Anyway, after the funeral I was mentally exhausted and wanted nothing more than to leave Collinsville. I told Robin that I didn't care where we went or if we went home right away, but I just had to leave. So leave we did. We went back to the house and threw our stuff into a suitcase and were gone within the hour. Our original plan was to try to stay through Tuesday so we could go to the Zoo... we just wanted to do something fun to take our mind off of all the craziness that was happening in our lives. Instead, we hit the highway and I am so glad we did.

I told Robin that we should stay the night somewhere so we don't kill ourselves trying to get home. Plus, we told our dog sitter that we would be home Tuesday evening. I thought it would be kind of rude to barge in on her in the wee hours of the morning or give her last minutes notice that we were coming home!

All I wanted to do was get a hotel, get some dinner and take a pill and sleeeeeeeeeep long and hard... to forget, for just a few hours, about all the sadness and drama that follows me.

So, here we are in Cookeville, Tennessee at some hotel that we really can't afford - and believe me, it's no luxury accommodation! BUT, our bellies are full and it's time for bed. I just need to turn off my mind and attempt to not think. This is something I hope to do for the next few days... until I have to return to work on Thursday, at least.

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