Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Town Crier

So, I was just getting ready to go to bed and my younger sister called me to tell me that my older sister called her and was bitching about no one telling her about my Grandfather passing away. This is coming from a 44-year old woman who is disowned from one side of the family and hasn't called the other side of the family in, well... never. She only sees that part of the family when they come into town for funerals. So, basically, she has seen my Grandfather once since 1992 when my Grandmother passed away - he didn't make it in for my Mom's funeral. She has never sent him a card, a letter and as far as I'm aware, has never called him. My little sister said she thought it was my Mom's father that passed and I'm not sure why she was more concerned about him since they want nothing to do with her.

I decided a while ago that I was tired of being the "messenger" - my younger sister never calls or keeps in touch with anyone, either. Everyone depends on me to let them know what is happening in the family since I am the one who has ALWAYS kept in touch. I've gone to every wedding (except one due to work) and every funeral when I could. I've even taken weekend trips to visit the family! On the other hand they (except my cousin Denise) have only come for funerals to visit us (except one time), but that's besides the point.

Anyway, I know EXACTLY where this came from. People at work knew that I was out for funeral leave and on Thursday I was sitting in my office talking to my friend Jackie when a co-worker came by and said "I saw your sister the other day" - she does this ALL THE TIME. She knows that I could not care less for my sister and don't have a relationship with her nor my nieces or nephew. Why she feels the need to fill me in on "sister sightings" I have no idea. I even tell her that I don't care and she still does it.

This person stood in my office while I talked to Jackie about the funeral, etc and all the while she kept mentioning my sister and the kids... Again, I told her that I don't talk to them and Jackie asked if Janine knew about my Grandfather passing. I said "probably not" because my little sister doesn't talk to her either.

During probate I called my older sister NUMEROUS times to get her to sign papers. She never returned my calls and then told my little sister "I'm not signing anything!" and proceeded to go up to the probate office and complain about me. Yeah, like I really want to give her a call.

So, this co-worker of mine, who knew that I do not talk to my sister... who knew there would be no way for my sister or her kids to know that my Grandfather passed away took it upon herself to go up to my 17-year old niece and say "I'm sorry to hear about your Grandfather!"

Are you kidding me??????

I'm not sure what this act of self-importance, or her motive was all about, but I really DO NOT appreciate it and will most definitely address it tomorrow at work.

Don't get me wrong - I don't mind that they know. What I DO mind is that instead of this person telling my sister, she went and told one of the kids who, of course was confused, and then had to go tell my sister who is a MAJOR drama queen. If she needed to run her mouth it should have at least been adult to adult. How dare she tell a kid that sort of thing knowing the kid knew nothing about it.

I'm SO TIRED of people running their mouths and not minding their own business. I told my sister that I even get tired of mutual "friends" reading my blog and reporting to her what goes on in my daily life (Yes! I get reports!)

People - just mind your own business, get a life and shut the hell up!

Whew! Now that I have that off my chest I feel better. Off to bed!
(I"m sure I'll hear about this blog somewhere through the grapevine!)

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