Thursday, September 09, 2010

Photos From The Road

I'm sure my Facebook friends get tired of me posting my Blackberry photos that I take from the road, but sometimes you've just got to share!

If you travel I-26 in South Carolina do yourself a favor and take exit 22 in Spartanburg and go to the Abbott Farms store! Hot boiled peanuts, jams, jellies, cider, preserves, fresh peaches, watermelons, scuppernong grapes, peach bread - we love it! Robin always insists on getting the Cajun boiled peanuts, which stink up the whole car while I usually opt for the scuppernongs. They have peach ice cream which we have always been curious about but since we are usually on the road it seems that it would be impractical to purchase.

So worth the stop!!

I used to live across the street from Bobby's Frozen Custard in Maryville, Illinois. That was NOT a good thing! Although I love their concrete's I'm glad it's almost a day's drive away! It's WAY too tempting! This time while we were in town I had the strawberry cheesecake concrete and Robin had an Oreo/Reese's milkshake.

From my photos you would think that all we did was eat during our trip... well, besides family business that's all we really had time for. One evening we traveled over to St. Louis and went to The Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately the closest one to us in Charleston is three hours away so whenever we are in a city that has one we have to make a stop!

I had the pineapple upside down cheesecake.

Did this person above not see that I was taking a photo??

The person sitting at the next table took their shoes off! Gross!
Who does that at a restaurant??

My cousin Denise enjoying her cocktail

Another place we enjoy while visiting family is Lotawata Creek Southern Grill. I think I blogged about them in July when we last visited. They have fantastic food and they give you so much that you can never finish a meal! I still debate on how "Southern" their food is, but regardless, it's tasty!

I had "Aunt Rosa's Meatball Sub"

Robin had the Prime Rib Torpedo
... and neither of us finished our lunch!

On the way home we saw a whole truck devoted to Michael Jordan cologne. I'm not really sure what to say about this... I'm still confused about who is buying this product and why we need a truckload of it!

The leaves are turning colors in Tennessee and it's still 90+ degrees in Charleston!

And I STILL have no idea what these things are that we found in the Bi-Lo produce department in Hendersonville, NC!

When we got home from our trip I caught up on my emails and had one very happy one. One of my favorite bands, The Dresden Dolls, are reuniting for a very small Fall tour. The closest they are coming to Charleston is Atlanta... worthwhile bands rarely come to Charleston! I am so happy to be seeing them again! A couple of years ago when The Dresden Dolls split to do their solo projects, rumor had it that they split for good which made the announcement of this tour even more exciting! I got our tickets this morning and can't wait for November 13th!

Next Saturday is Lady Gaga so we will be heading to Charlotte, NC and I think the next concert after that is Sugarland in Savannah, GA in October - Robin and I haven't had a very exciting Summer considering the only trips we took were sad ones and 7 weeks out of the Summer we were very sick.

I think we are very much in need a fun-filled weekend away to renew our spirit and take our mind off things for a bit!

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