Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post-Vacation Weekend

A weekend of total relaxation... just what I needed! Of course it comes after 10 days of vacation in South Florida visiting Robin. - did I ever mention that she took a travel nursing job in Delray Beach in January? Hmmm... Anyway, laying on the beach is very hard work! I definitely need to update my blog on vacation adventures - hopefully something I can do this week!

When I returned from Florida I remembered that Charleston Magazine contacted me last month about another photo from my Flickr page that they wanted to potentially use for their June issue. I wasn't sure if they decided to use it, or not, so on Wednesday (when I returned to work from vacation) I went to Barnes and Noble to check out the current issue.

Sure enough, there on page 64 was my photo of the Unitarian Church graveyard! Yay! I know that I'm a total dork about it, but I love it. I wish my Mom was alive to check it out. She always told me to do something with all my pictures. She would have gotten a kick out of it. The photo is also featured on a page of their website called Shady Adventures!

So much to write about, but I have to go to bed. Back to reality tomorrow!

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