Monday, June 25, 2012


My doctor put me on a higher dose of Synthroid last week.  This is not going to work well with the extreme heat in Charleston!  I was hoping that my levels would be normal this time around but she said they are still elevated.  After I had my thyroidectomy my level was 11.  When she gave me a higher dose it brought it down to 3.5.  Apparently I'm supposed to be at level 1.  This medicine is of the devil!  It makes me so hot.  Some of the side effects are hot flashes and excessive sweating... they weren't lying! 

The hot flashes and sweating started the Summer after my surgery.  It's not like a normal sweat.  I can feel it coming on.  I get flushed and my body temperature rises and then it's totally out of control.  It's not like a sweaty "I just worked out" sweat.  I always say "my elbows are sweating!" when it happens because sweat will be literally dripping from may elbows like a leaky faucet.  Beads of sweat cover my entire body.  It can be 60 degrees outside and I can have a sweat attack.  It's so unpleasant.

Saturday I went out with my friend Ashley to take some photos.  We went to Pon Pon Chapel, Donnelly Wildlife Management Area, to the Avondale murals, the Sheepman murals and then for a long walk downtown.  It was so hot outside and I looked like a hot mess when we were ready to go home!  I decided that there is no way I can date in the Summer because people will think I'm some crazy excessive sweater!!  Not attractive!!

We also went to The Early Bird Diner in West Ashley which was once featured on Diner's Drive In's and Dives on Food TV.  I have been there several times and always get the chicken and waffles, which are delicious.  This time I decided to try something different and opted for the meatloaf with spicy chipotle glaze.  The meatloaf comes with two sides so I got macaroni and cheese and collards.  I'm always so hesitant with meatloaf - you never know what you are going to get.  I was so intrigued by "spicy chipotle glaze" that I decided to go for it.  omg!!  I was not disappointed in the least.  It was delicious!  There were two pieces of meatloaf that were topped by some of the best onion rings I have ever had.  I think they were made with sweet vidalia onions.  Sooo good!  The mac n' cheese was fantastic.  I sprinkled the collards with pepper vinegar and they were out of this world!  It's definitely my new favorite!  I wish I had the recipe!!




Clytie said...

Love that first shot - that's the kind of place I'd LOVE to visit and explore!!!

I know from experience how hard it is to be in hot weather while having hot flashes. I was on depo provera shots for 6 months ... through the summer (of course) that gave me hot flashes from HELL. I could feel the "wave" wash over me, upping my body temp 20 degrees, and turning me into a wet dripping red-faced rag.

I'm so glad I elected for surgery (hysterectomy) - I only have occasional hot flashes now.

Still, my heart goes out to you; you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Pamela said...

Thanks Clytie! Glad to know I'm not alone! I need to get one of those little misting fans!