Monday, July 02, 2007

Blog Stalking

So here's a strange story.

Remember my mentioning that there was a girl in Texas whose blog I read regularly? Well, today I decided to finally come out as her official stalker, which was warmly received by her, being that she is somewhat of a blog stalker herself.

I suppose that I shouldn't really call her a "girl" since she's only a year younger than I am and we all know that I'm no spring chicken.


Courtney introduced me to the band "Stars" whom I LOVE and she introduced me to and she also got me started on my fabulous new jewelry making hobby... all without knowing that she had even done so!


remember me mentioning that I REALLY wanted a skeleton key tattoo and that I had found the style of what I wanted on a MySpace photo? I searched and searched (for hours!) for the picture (because I didn't bookmark it!) and some of you were nice enough to harrass your friends into searching the profiles of their friends to find the elusive photo for me... well, the photo I had seen wasn't on a MySpace profile at all... it was on Courtney's Flickr account (oops!)

How serendipitous!

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