Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today, in the funeral procession for Justin's father, we were the second car behind the hearse. The ride to the cemetery was on a long and winding country road with lots of hills and incredibly green farmland. It's quite beautiful out there, really.

You would really have to love the quiet of the country to enjoy living out as far out as this was. The houses are few and far between with your closest neighbor a quarter of a mile away. The lawns, for the most part, are neatly mowed and beautifully manicured. This is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone and it seems that no one is a stranger, which is very refreshing.

During our drive from the funeral home to the cemetery I noticed a man standing on his lawn tending to his flowers. Just as we were about to pass he turned around and saw the hearse with it's stream of following cars. In an instant, and without thought, he took off his hat and held it over his heart and stood silently as we passed.

It was one of the most touching and beautiful things I have ever witnessed and I don't think I will ever forget the quiet sorrow of that moment for as long as I live.

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