Monday, July 24, 2006

Note to self...

...even though you have most of the area cache's loaded into your PDA, you should alway check the latest logs to find out if the cache has been disabled by the owner!

Right after work I had to run an errand in Springboro, but had some spare time after that to do some caching. I did a couple and ended up on one that required some walking. The cache logs said that there was a lot of mosquitos in the area so luckily I had some bug spray with me. The bad thing was that I was wearing flip-flops again. I thought I had a pair of tennis shoes with me but I guess they were at home. I did have a pair of socks with me but thought I would look like an ass with socks and flip-flops on. The cache was 2/10ths of a mile so I set out on my little walk. When I reached the edge of the woods I was still a good 200 feet from the cache.

I decided that there should be a better way around it than through what looked like a dense wooded area. At least I had jeans on! I walked around the woods and was able to find a path that led me half way into the woods. From there it was pretty much bushwhacking. I was not too thrilled because I just knew there were snakes waiting to bite my naked toes. Those damn stupid snakes. Also, there were so many spider webs! I ran face-first into a couple of them - yuck! After about 100 feet of bushwhacking my GPSr said that I was within 20 feet of the cache. First off, I was already cussing about the snake potential and all the spiders but what REALLY pissed me off was that this jackass hid a fucking micro in the deep woods where a regular cache should have been! Weinernoggin.

When I arrived at what I though should be ground zero I looked for about 45 minutes. It was hot. I accidentally put my hand on a daddy long leg and had a mini-freak out -ew! I stuck my hand in scary places... okay, I stuck a stick in scary places... still no cache. I finally gave up. I walked out of the woods a different way and had to walk through some farm land with some sort of crop growing. I shook all the bugs and all the leaves I thought were bugs off of me and walked the 2/10ths of a mile back to my car. I think I lost 5lbs by sweating, alone.

Tonight when I got home I looked up the cache and found that it had not only been disabled, but archived as well. Fuck. I did all that looking for nothing! The post said that the cache owner couldn't maintain the cache, which probably meant that he was too freakin' lazy to deal with the mean snakes and scary spiders himself! Grrr.

Who the hell puts a micro in the woods, anyway??

I placed three cache's in Greenville over the weekend. I really can't believe with the places up there, like Annie Oakley's grave, that there aren't more in that area. I have been putting off placing cache's because I was so afraid that I would screw up the coordinates. I pretty much just said WTF and did some anyway. I thought it was pretty funny that Pinewood was FTF on them since I always have a hell of a time finding his. He sent me an email and later called me about one of the cache's that I hid. Apparently, as I had feared, my coordinates were a bit off. I temporarily disabled it and his daughter, who works in Greenville, went and got better coordinates for me. I thought that was really nice of them to do that for me. Sad thing for him is that I now have his phone number and will be calling him for hints on his cache's mercilessly!

After Friday night's game night in Greenville, Sharon and I went to Indiana to do some caching. I got to add another state to my map, which is cool. I dropped off the travel bug and geocoin that I had, also. We woke up late so we didn't do many cache's that day. What's really cool is that in one of the cache's I found a Podcacher card! I was really excited and Sharon was like, WTF? I think it was Team Itchy & Scratchy that dropped it off. I know they live in the area and I have heard their name on the show.

Enough about caching.

My poison ivy is almost gone. That shot worked wonders. Screw creams and pills! I wonder how many shots you can get and at what frequency? I also wonder if the steroid stays in your body for prevention? Probably not. They really should make a spray, like bug spray, that acts as a poison ivy repellent.

Not much else going on. I am craving the sun. I really want to go swimming again. Becky, if you are reading this, let's go swimming!

I miss the beach... the REAL beach,. Lakes are not beaches!

I have been thinking a lot lately on my plan, or lack thereof. I think I have made the decision to go back to South Carolina. I left almost 3 years ago on some bizarre quest to prove myself to me. A lot of shit has happened in three years. I can't even begin to describe the ups and downs. Linda... coming out... moving to Ohio... lesbian drama in Dayton... more lesbian drama in Dayton. I know one thing. I am a totally different person than I was the day I left Charleston. A better person, I think. I will miss the awesome parks that I have discovered geocaching, especially with a certain person and all the other friends that I have made, but there is really nothing here for me. I miss my friends back home... yes, I said "home." My sister's are being losers and not helping my Mom out. Traci does a bit, but the poor woman only leaves the house for doctors appointments. It's just time I give back to the people (or the person that's left) that brought me into this world. So, now that the decision is made, I must make a plan, save money, purge a bunch of belongings. I want to move before the anniversary of the day I left, which I believe is October 15th... 3 years is a long time in the life of a girl.

It's now 12:14am and officially my Dad's birthday... he would have been 60... but, he smoked. C'est la vie.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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