Monday, April 19, 2010

My Fabulous Idea

So, here's my fabulous idea...

I've been pondering hard about all of this paint and other craft stuff that my Mom has. I think I'm going to do something that will benefit myself as well as some other people. My idea is to gather my friends who have kids and tell them that they can have as much paint and whatever else stuff that I have (within reason, of course) as long as they take it home and create something for me, preferably a picture that I can frame and put in our eventual office/craft room in the house, which is Mom's former painting room. Of course if my adult friends want some paint, they are more than welcome. Same rules apply!

The thought of nit-picking over all of this paint, or giving it to one person just didn't sit well with me. I thought about buying some cheap brushes, paper and canvas for the art project as well. First I'm going to see how much canvas Mom has in there as well as paper. We have a bunch, but I'm not sure how much we have to go around. Now the task is to figure out how to handle the task of giving this out to the kids without mass hysteria and people grabbing and pushing. I don't want this to be an ugly thing so I think I'm going to do it kid by kid and person by person. I just don't to have another yard sale fiasco on my hands! Maybe Robin and I can divide it up based on how many people we have. I just want to avoid people being greedy over my Mom's things. Some of the little bottles of paint are $2 and when you multiply that by 1,000... well, you do the math.

As far as Mom's painting ladies that contacted me at the yard sale about Mom's other things, I think once the paint and stuff are gone I will contact them and tell them what I have left are the brushes, books, magazines, other weird painting supplies and my Mom's massive painting palette collectibles. I still have a lot of things to bring to the Red Cross as far as thread, fabric and sewing supplies. I will probably do that this week.

Speaking of this week, I was supposed to go back to work today and when I got up and took a shower it totally exhausted me. For the past few days I've been feeling horrible - extremely tired, face flushed, bouts of sweating when the room is totally cool... We have been following my blood pressure, which has been really high, since Wednesday. Last night Robin kept telling me that I really needed to stay home and make a doctors appointment and after my shower, that's what I did.

I saw Dr. Eads at 2pm and told him about how I was feeling. I also told him that Dr. McNellis gave me a bunch of Mucinex that has helped a little but hasn't really cured me of my nightly fits of coughing. After doing the normal listening to my lungs, etc he ordered a chest x-ray, more labs and another round of antibiotics. He then said he wanted me to take another week off work because he wants to make sure it's not pneumonia. Ugh. I am so tired of being sick. I haven't even been able to enjoy all of this time off! I even missed the Grits Festival and the annual rolling-in-the-grits contest in St. George!

All I want to do is go for a walk downtown to see the beautiful flowers in bloom without having to cough, wheeze, sneeze or sit down for a break because I'm tired! Charleston is so gorgeous this time of year and if I sit on the couch any longer I'm going to miss it all!

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Clytie said...

I think that is the perfect thing to do with your mom's paints! Encouraging kids to enjoy art is something too few people (and schools) do now. You go, girl!

I'm so sorry you are still under the weather. Whether it's pneumonia, allergies, high blood pressure or whatever - it's still not good.

You and Robin are in my thoughts and prayers this week.