Thursday, April 01, 2010


Our dog Lucas is insane. I think he has forgotten that a little over a week ago he was paralyzed. These days, he is walking on his own! He walks in a swaying drunk-like fashion, but is walking (and running) nonetheless!

When I knew that Lucas was going to be fine walking on his own I would still carry the harness when we went outside in case of an emergency. The past couple of day I've just opened the door (to Robin's dismay) and let him go out by himself. I hang out on the porch and make sure he isn't killing himself or getting into a position he can't get out of. My biggest fear is that he will crawl under the pool deck and get stuck. I have news for him... if that happens he's staying there until Robin gets home because there is no way I'm going under there! Yesterday he conquered coming up the steps by himself!

Being that Lucas is Robin's baby, she tends to hover over him way more than I do. She still carries him outside to the yard and is probably still feeding him hand-cut hot dogs. I am absolutely amazed at his progress and really can't believe that he is walking again! What I think is most amusing is the fact that he now sits like a human. I mean, who doesn't love a dog that sits like this on the couch??

Because of dog drama, Robin and I really haven't done much outside of the house in the last two weeks. We did manage to run a couple of errands and go out for dinner the other night, which was nice. I've been more tired than usual and struggle through work every day. All I can think about is coming home to take a nap! It makes me wonder if all of this (which has been going on for a while!) is related to my thyroid.

This week Robin has been working every night so she can take next week off to play nurse to me after my surgery on Monday. Seeing how she has babied Lucas I think, perhaps, I'm a little frightened! Really, though, I'm glad Lucas has made such great progress so Robin won't be totally stressed tending to two needy patients!

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Clytie said...

Lucas is indeed a miracle dog! But much of the credit goes to his two wonderful people. I am inspired by you and Robin - your love, dedication, and hard work that brought this injured dog back from probable death to life. Wow.

By the way, I LOVE that picture of Lucas sitting on the couch. It's awesome!

And I will be thinking of you on Monday. I hope you will let us know how you are doing!!!!!